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I started off my morning in a bit of a panic, I still did NOT have my usual finishing spray and I desperately needed it.  Those of you with wild, curly hair will understand that hair products are like gold.  Once you have found something that actually works to tame the beast you will go above and beyond to find it again!!  I have not been able to find my “gold” anywhere near my apartment and believe me, I have tried a few other products this week with not soo glamorous results.

Yes, that is my REAL hair!

So, off I went on my quest to search and find the elusive hair spray.  See, here’s the thing… I couldn’t actually remember what the name of the store was, only what side of the street it was on and I had no idea how many blocks up it was.  In NYC, this could be a disaster.  I could be walking forever. The store could be closed or under renovation. I did not even know what time it opened. Thankfully, I reminded myself that there was a Starbucks on every other corner and I would not die of dehydration of my journey.

Here are a few things I observed on my morning walk:

1.  Allergies in NYC in the fall, SUCK, big time.  Who knew that in the concrete jungle there would be soo much pollen and well, other stuff bugging my eyes on this fine September morning.  Ugh.

2.  People actually still use pay phones.  And, that there is sometimes a line for the phone.  Who knew? Personally, I am not sure I want to ever use a NYC pay phone, probably because I would actually have to TOUCH it. But the advertising IS kind of hot.

Random Pay Phone on Broadway

3.  There is fabulous artwork all over the City and usually when you least expect it.  Here is a the beautiful mosaic piece on the storefront of a restaurant called “Two Boots Pizza”.

Two Boots Pizza (UWS)

4.  There are a surprising number of LandRovers in this City.  Surprising because I don’t foresee that there is a lot of rough terrain to maneuver through in Manhattan.  I haven’t seen too many off-roading opportunities.  Although I guess for many people, bigger means more status, right??!!

The Mighty LandRover

But, I digress… I did finally make it to the store I was looking for, it was only a mere TWENTY blocks!  And.. of course I forgot to write down the name of it, so the next time I try and remember where it is I will have to walk down the street and hope for the best again.  However, I did buy FOUR bottles, so hopefully I won’t have to go back any time soon.

As my wonderful hubby reminded me this morning, when all else fails there is a little thing called AMAZON where they will do the walking (and the thinking) for you 😉

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