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Sometimes in NYC, it takes a little bit longer to master an outdoor sporting skill than in the ‘burbs. Although, if there was an Olympic sport consisting of fast walking while dodging cabs and tourists AND holding on to an umbrella and coffee, we would win every time 😉 One of those things that take a bit more effort to do is learning to ride a bike without training wheels. It is pretty hard to find a cul-de-sac with no traffic to run up and down beside a kid on a wobbly bike 😉 Luckily we live very close to Riverside Park which offers beautiful straight pathways and lots of wide open spaces to practice. Our youngest recently mastered the no training wheels skill and is happily cruising around on two wheels. Yesterday it was the perfect summer day for getting out and going for a ride. ‘R’ is still a little wobbly but is gaining confidence as she covers more and more pavement. It won’t be long until all of us are zipping around Manhattan on family biking tours. Woohoo!!! Here are some pics from the adventure. Enjoy and have a fabulous Wednesday!

She’s got this!

Big sis showing off her new bike

Long, open pathways perfect for new cyclists

Pausing to enjoy the view along the Hudson River

Doing their thing!

Stopping to smell the flowers

Loving the beauty of the parks in the city

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