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The boys and I heading down to the water.

When you live in Manhattan it is very easy to forget that you live on an island.  I am not sure why this is.  Maybe it is the fact that it is not a tropical island with white sand beaches and palm trees.  It is not like you head on down to the beach and go for a swim in the Hudson River.  I definitely would NOT recommend that 😉 

This week I have been thinking a lot about the water. It must be because it is January, the holidays are over and the weather is a bit gloomy.  At this time of year I always think about a sweet escape to an ocean front getaway. I have also been nursing a nasty head cold and have been spending some quality time on the couch watching the new version of the t.v. show “Hawaii Five-O”.  The beautiful Hawaiian scenery in that show would make anyone want to jump on a plane and fly towards a warmer climate. I have always been drawn towards the water, there is something about it that calms down the voices inside my head and seems to centre me. Maybe it is my Californian roots, I am not sure, but whenever I am feeling down or a little out of sorts, if I spend some time “talking” to the water, I always feel better.

Now, I want to reassure you, I am have not becoming one of those crazy New Yorker’s who ACTUALLY talks to the water. I head towards the water and find a quiet spot and watch the water and the surrounding scenery and let it soothe me. Okay, this may still sound a bit crazy and weird but I never pretended to be totally sane! 😉 At this time of year, the pathways along the river are almost deserted and it really is one of the places you can go in the city to find some actual quiet.  The trees block the traffic noise and it is incredibly beautiful.

A January day- overlooking the Hudson River

The Road Less Traveled

The Boat Basin

I am beginning to realize that in order to survive the insanity that is New York City, you must find a balance.  A balance between jumping whole heartedly into the chaos and finding the strength to jump out as well, to find the places that with re-energize and centre you. I am lucky that I can easily escape to the water.  A quick walk with the dogs gives me the time to re-group, spend some time with my thoughts and pause for a moment. Then I turn around, look at the amazing skyline, smile, take a deep breath and walk back into the city that never stops!

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