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Every once in awhile you have a perfect NYC night where you fully experience the magical moments of living in Manhattan. This past Monday night was definitely a NYC evening to remember. One of my former students, now a very dear friend, Matti, was in town and Ron and I used his youthful energy as a perfect reason to buy tickets to the “Watch the Throne Concert” at Madison Square Garden. What better way to recapture a bit of our swag,Β groove on, beat– uh just trying not to look old-Β than trying desperately to find some rhythm while listening to the genius of Kanye and JayZ??!! So off to MSG, we went!

But first we needed some sustenance. Matti had heard on a podcast that the best place for burgers in NYC was a small hard to find spot called The Burger JointΒ in the lobby of the Parker Meridien Hotel. I was definitely willing to track it down and try it out! The Burger Joint is tucked into the corner of the lobby and if you miss this small neon sign, you will miss out on one of the most incredible burgers I have ever tried. I am still salivating just thinking about it! The Burger Joint isn’t a fancy place, the atmosphere is awesome- decorated with movie posters and graffiti from past visitors. The menu is short and to the point- burgers, fries, sodas and beer. It was amazing. A gem NOT to be missed.

Follow the neon glow...

OMG!!! Soooooo good!

Feel free to leave your mark πŸ˜‰

We headed out of the Parker Meridien and made our way to the subway but not before catching a sighting of Jennifer Lopez as she exited her SUV and headed into Glamour’s Women of the Year Awards. Crazy. Only in NYC πŸ˜‰ Matti was definitely having some pretty awesome NYC moments, as was I =)

We made our way into MSG and found our seats. Except our seats turned out to have a wee bit of a sight obstruction. They are doing reno’s at MSG and apparently the seats shown on the seating chart have changed a bit and now include an overhang. Fine if you are at a hockey game but not so great at a concert where as soon as everyone stands up you won’t be able to see the stage areas.

Matti and I waiting for the concert to start.

The women behind us were really unhappy and well, so were we, we just weren’t quite as vocal as they were. Soon the ladies behind us were given new seats. So Ron, being the amazingly diplomatic, kind and incredibly awesome husband he is went out and talked to management on behalf of our entire row of seats. Did I mention how incredible he is because one song into the concert we all received new seats.

Here is the view from our original seats:

We are standing in aisles to see past over hang.

And here are some pics from our new seats thanks to my incredible husband Ron (did I mention that already!) and of course, the awesome management team at MSG-thank you!!

No zoom!

The screen behind the stage.

Love this shot!

Such an incredible show!


An Empire State of Mind

It was a memorable show. There really is nothing like seeing a concert in Madison Square Garden, you really get the sense that the artists are playing full out because they are in such a legendary venue. I can honestly say no one seemed to mind how badly we were rapping or bopping πŸ˜‰ I truly loved the energy and the vibe in the crowd. As we packed into the subway on the way home, partially deaf and a bit ahem, chilled out on second hand smoke we all felt like we had taken part in a true NYC night to cherish. I quickly remembered my age the next morning when I had to get up with the kids πŸ˜‰ Ah well… so worth it!!!!

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Phew, what a week, topped off by a fabulous weekend. The girls were on winter break, Chantal was visiting and it was Ron’s birthday. The weekend started out on Thursday night when Chantal and I ventured to Madison Square Garden to see Bon Jovi. The tickets were a Christmas present from the fabulous Ron and I was very much looking forward to rocking out as well as scoping out the crazy people still stuck in the 80’s. I dragged Chantal along with me promising that there would be lots to see and by reminding her of the simple fact that everyone should have an opportunity to see a concert at MSG! We were not disappointed. The show was amazing (Jon Bon Jovi still has IT!) and there were plenty of rocker gals/guys to check out. The woman sitting beside us was wearing her concert t-shirt from her first Bon Jovi concert at MSG in 1987 and she knew every single lyric to every single song. Now that is true dedication. My favorite part of the evening was the encore performance of “Living On A Prayer”. The entire crowd was on their feet singing together, a pretty incredible experience to be a part of.

Chantal and I getting ready to rock it!

The blurry "yes, that is him" must put in concert pic

On Friday night we called in a babysitter and actually had the thrill (parents will understand the special treat that this is) of going out to see a movie and then for drinks and tapas. We went and saw the movie “I Am Number Four”. Both Ron and I have just finished reading the book and wanted to see the movie. It was good, not amazing but definitely entertaining. As always, the book is way better. After the movie we went to a great new wine bar in the ‘hood called Tolani. I think it is going to become one of our new favorite places to go and hang out. The food is good and the wine selection is interesting. Love the atmosphere.

On Saturday we took advantage of Chantal visiting (hello free babysitting) and Ron and I went out for his birthday to David Burke Townhouse. I am still full thinking about the delicious meal I experienced there. Ron started off with the foie gras and then had the special Lobster Risotto as his main. I had the market salad to start and the Braised Ribs with Cavatelli as my main. We shared the drunken donuts as our dessert. Unbelievably yummy. The best part of the evening was being able to sit and have a conversation just the two of us. Heavenly. The evening stroll through Central Park was not too shabby either.

Ron and I thought the stretch limo waiting outside for the smokers convenience was hilarious. After all, standing outside for a smoke is soo passe!

Giant flowers on Park Ave.

Ahh… Sunday, the day of rest. Yesterday we spent the day going to church and getting organized for the reality of the upcoming week. However, the weather was beautiful and we took advantage of it by taking the dogs and the girls to the park. There was definitely a hint of spring in the air.

The sun shining over Central Park

The girls first scooter ride of the season

In a lot of ways I am glad that Monday has arrived and that the girls are back to school (including Chantal) Ron is at work and I am on a cleaning/laundry/grocery spree. Back to normal. Or as normal as life can be in the Big Apple πŸ˜‰ Now, I wonder if there is time for a nap…

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