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The NYC Marathon is less than two months away. Gulp. My training runs are getting more frequent and longer. Emphasis on longer. I am just trying to stay healthy and injury free. This weekend is the marathon tune-up. 18 Miles. My longest run EVER. Three loops of Central Park. That means three times up the Harlem Hill, three times waving at the kitty and the little “hills” inbetween. I am gearing up mentally. We (my running partner, Claire and I) have GOT this!!! Bring. It. On. 

All the bravado aside, at this point I am doing anything and everything I can to keep my feet and the rest of me healthy. Epsom salt baths, rolling, stretching, icing, acupuncture and the miracle cream Penetrex. All these helpful devices look suspiciously like “toys” and I have received odd looks from non running friends when they see them lying around. 

I also LOVE my Oofos flip flops for walking around the apartment. It’s all about keeping my feet happy 🙂

May the running Gods be forever in our favor!!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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