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Summer weather has officially hit NYC which means hot and steamy running conditions. That didn’t stop us and tons of other runners from getting out there and hitting the pavement on global running day. The 4 miles weren’t exactly refreshing but they did feel like a great workout. Feeling lucky to be able to have access to so many incredible running routes in NYC and grateful for fantastic running partners. Happy Global Running Day everyone! Hope you find some time to lace up and get out there 😊

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This morning Memphis and I did our first run together in Central Park. The forecast for the week calls for rain and more rain so I thought I would try and burn off some of his energy by bringing him with me. I am supposed to be easing back into running. Ha! He is fast. I definitely slowed down his pace but luckily he is easily distracted by everything!! Squirrel!!

We have to work on our synchronicity but he is an enthusiastic partner and motivator. His energy is contagious. 

It was great to be back in the park hitting the pavement. Hope you are having a great day! Stay dry and think positive. 😀

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Today is a beautiful spring like day. The temps are climbing and the sun is shining. I have been sidelined from running for a few months now with achilles tendonitis. Rest and physical therapy have been helping but I have definitely missed pounding the pavement. 

I recently got the go ahead to start running again. To run in very short amounts. And I promised I would listen to my body. Something most of us runners are not very good at. 

So, this morning I headed to the park and did a VERY short and slow walk/run. It felt good and it is a start. Central Park was its majestic self, teeming with runners, walkers and cyclists. It is really hard to resist its beauty on such an incredible day 😀 

Memphis was happy to welcome me back home by saving a sunny spot for me on the couch 💜 


Happy Wednesday my friends. Keep springing forward and focusing on the positive. Remember, one foot at a time 😉

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It has been three weeks since the TCS NYC Marathon. I am finally writing my recap of that incredible day. I feel like it has taken the full three weeks to let all the emotions and experiences of the day fully sink in.

I just want to start off by saying thank you to Claire. I am so lucky to have shared this experience with my beautiful, strong, hilarious friend Claire. We have trained together, we have laughed together, we have cried together, we have definitely cursed cat hill and harlem hill together. We went on a journey together. It was tough, at times we wanted to quit, we helped each other, encouraged each other and questioned our sanity, but in the end we kicked ass together. I am grateful for her. “In a galaxy far, far, away… ” 😉


My marathon thoughts…

A friend of mine, also a runner, stated that running a marathon is a lot like a metaphor for life. During those 26.2 miles there are moments of pain, joy, excitement, despair, euphoria, disbelief, accomplishment- all the ups and downs. Tears and laughter mixed in. Much like life, you just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other and giving it the best you can.


The night before the marathon is a bit surreal. I feel like you have been training for months and months. Logging miles and miles waiting for the day to finally arrive. When it finally arrives it almost doesn’t seem real. I didn’t sleep well the night before. I worried that I would sleep through my alarm, that I hadn’t planned the proper clothing, that my food/fuel was wrong, I questioned my ability to actually finish the race and then I started panicking about where and how often I would be able to pee before I entered the corral… I am a nervous pee-er (is that even a word??!!) =) Of course, all worked out completely fine. I met Claire and Ashley and we took a taxi to catch our ferry to Staten Island.


It is really is hard to explain the frenetic, nervous, excited energy that exudes from the thousands of runners all crammed into one place heading to the start line. There are lots of comments, shared past experiences, nervous jokes and little acts of kindness. Everyone is bound together by their common goal of crossing the finish line 26.2 miles later. We all, all of us, definitely shared the same spark of crazy in our eyes!

I really shouldn’t have worried, there was plenty of time to visit the port-a-potty numerous times, stretch, take in the views, make sure the playlist was cued, calm the nerves, shed warm layers and make our way to the start.


I will never forget as long as I live the start of the NYC Marathon. Running beside Claire on the Verrazano Bridge with thousands of runners ahead of me and thousands behind me was worth all of the months of training. There really is nothing like it. The helicopters are hovering beside the bridge, breathtaking views meet you at all sides, the bridge itself is seemingly bouncing with the weight of the runners, people are taking pictures and the sound of sneakers hitting the pavement is mesmerizing. The first two miles flew by as if I was in a crazy running dream. I couldn’t believe we were doing this.

When our feet hit Brooklyn, the reality of the race set in. You run a half marathon in Brooklyn alone. It is time to sink in, let the training kick into gear and find your run. There were many times when I had to remind myself to reel it in a bit. The cheering crowds and other runners make it very tempting to pick up the pace.


I wish I could remember and break down my race from mile to mile but for me it really was about moments.

The cheering crowds in all the boroughs were unbelievable. Complete strangers yelling your name and offering support. High-fiving little kids, sharing a smile, a thumbs up or a wave. The different types of music playing, the creative and hilarious signs. The woman with the vaseline- THANK YOU!!!!!!

And then of course there were the friends and family that waited along the course so that they could share a quick moment with Claire and I. Each word of encouragement and warm hug was like a burst of energy. I am telling you right now thank you and you are all amazing.

It was pretty  hard to not get choked up when I saw my two spectacular daughters screaming my name.  They had so much faith in me and believed in me, it was everything!!!!

The marathon was a grueling race. At mile 20 I hit a pretty rough patch and I honestly wasn’t sure I was going to be able to finish. I started throwing up. Not so glamorous, but at least I managed not to hit my awesome sneakers 😉 It was at this point that I seriously began to question if I was going to be able to finish. My mind wanted to go on but my body was struggling.

Claire was a rock and like a true friend and running partner extraordinaire she agreed to only leave my side when I was left in the care of some other pretty damn incredible people. At this point I met up with my Soul family and I knew just by looking at all that love and strength that I was going to be able to finish the marathon, even if I had to crawl across the finish. YOU GUYS… my heart, seriously.


Jessica and Rebecca jumped in with me and walked with me all the way to Columbus Circle! In case I haven’t told you two enough- YOU ARE THE BEST, sniff.

Even though I had to walk for a good 4-5 miles, the support and encouragement surrounding me was inspiring. Rena and coach Rachel, Chad, Heather, Lisa, Babette, Edith, Meilan… thank you. Those last miles were a struggle but seeing all of you made my heart swell.


I was determined to run the last uphill stretch to the finish line. Central Park is my park. I had trained, logged so many hours, too many miles to count… I was crossing that finish line. And I did. It felt amazing. It felt exhausting. It felt painful. It felt euphoric. It was a day to remember.


I get asked a lot if I will ever run a marathon again. Who knows? Never say never. Right now it is in the bucket. I am pretty damn proud of myself. This has been a tough year, maybe even the toughest. The marathon was and is a triumph.

I AM stronger than I thought.


P.S. Just wanted to say a BIG thank you to everyone out there for your support and encouragement over the last few months… the texts, calls, Facebook posts and emails encouraging me on this marathon journey touched me in ways that I will never adequately be able to express.




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Fred Lebow was a runner, race director and the founder of the New York City Marathon. His statue is in a beautiful spot in Central Park. For those of us that faithfully run loops and train in the park, he is reminder of strength, determination and good will. I like to think that he is standing by still coaching and encouraging each and every runner that passes by. 

Apparently it is good luck to touch the toes of the Fred Lebow statue before the marathon. Today was an absolute beautiful day for a run in the park. It also seemed like a fitting day to ask for little luck from Fred. I will be doing the NYC Marathon in just 10 days. My first marathon. I will take any luck I can get. Thank you Fred, for giving me and 50,000 of my closest friends the opportunity to go for a little run through the city! I will definitely be thinking of you and saluting your statute when I near the finish line. 

Happy Wednesday my friends!! Keep on running. 😀👊🏼


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There are 18 days until the NYC Marathon, but hey, who’s counting??!! I finished a short run this morning and stopped at Duane Reade on my way home. I looked down at the cash register and had to laugh. Yep, this is what it has come to my friends. 

18 days and counting…

Happy Wednesday! Hope you find some time to get out and enjoy this beautiful day! 

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Today I am taking the time to wish my badass friend and rockstar runner, good luck!! She is running the Chicago Marathon this weekend and I know she will be amazing. You’ve got this Rebecca!!!! May the running gods be in your favor and the wind always at your back 😀 You’ve got a whole cheering squad in NYC screaming words of encouragement! Go get it my friend! 👊🏼  

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The NYC Marathon is less than two months away. Gulp. My training runs are getting more frequent and longer. Emphasis on longer. I am just trying to stay healthy and injury free. This weekend is the marathon tune-up. 18 Miles. My longest run EVER. Three loops of Central Park. That means three times up the Harlem Hill, three times waving at the kitty and the little “hills” inbetween. I am gearing up mentally. We (my running partner, Claire and I) have GOT this!!! Bring. It. On. 

All the bravado aside, at this point I am doing anything and everything I can to keep my feet and the rest of me healthy. Epsom salt baths, rolling, stretching, icing, acupuncture and the miracle cream Penetrex. All these helpful devices look suspiciously like “toys” and I have received odd looks from non running friends when they see them lying around. 

I also LOVE my Oofos flip flops for walking around the apartment. It’s all about keeping my feet happy 🙂

May the running Gods be forever in our favor!!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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The girls and I are in Ottawa for a little visit and a wedding. So nice to visit this beautiful city where both girls were born, we called home for many years and have so many cherished friends and family. Today I continued my marathon training by going for a run along the canal. It was gorgeous.   

Here are the observations I made as I was counting down the miles:

Thank you Ottawa for the following:

  • Clean restrooms
  • Nice humidity free weather that is 20 degrees cooler than NYC
  • A relatively flat pathway
  • Sporadic water fountains 
  • Beautiful scenery 
  • The polite head nods and hearty good mornings from other runners
  • Courteous cyclists who share the pathway
  • Clear running pathways
  • Free parking 

The only downside I noticed is that the leaves are already starting to turn. Eeek! 

Nice to be back for a visit and good to enjoy the beauty of the Nation’s Capitol. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!



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Today we ran our practice 5K for the Girls on the Run race coming up at the end of the month. Girls on the Run is such an amazing, empowering, positive organization that has taught my youngest incredible life skills. Through the program the girls learn about perserverance, gaining confidence, working as a team, positive strategies when dealing with adversity and most of all, encouraging and supporting each other. I am so proud of my little rockstar and love being able to share these moments with her. 

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday my friends. May we all take some time to remember to lift each other up!


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