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Since moving to NYC, I have definitely had my share of mishaps, mayhem and mis-guided adventures. Most of them I have blogged about right here. Others are probably better shared over a few beers or a shot of tequila 😉 So, is it really any surprise that I found myself stumbling through the city on Saturday night desperately trying to get home with a migraine headache??!! Um, no.

I decided to spontaneously go out on Saturday night. After a fabulous Queen themed Soul Cycle class I was invited out by a friend to head to Soho for dinner and drinks. It was a night out that I desperately needed after a crazy few days. I really wanted to go. I quickly went home, showered, downed some water and it was as I was getting dressed that my vision started to do some funky things. For those of you who are migraine sufferers, you will know exactly what I am talking about. This is what is called “the aura”, basically for me, I start losing part of my vision and it is replaced by a bright spot with squiggle lines moving across it. At this point I also started to get a little bit of numbness in my hands. No big deal, right? I took some medication with more water and prayed to the migraine gods that it would soon go away and that the pain would not follow.

It worked for a bit, my vision cleared, I met my friends, we hopped into a cab and for a glorious bit of time I was pain free. And then we got stuck in traffic and the taxi jolted back and forth and the pain started and so did the nausea. You would think after thirty plus years as a migraine sufferer I would have learned the lesson that you can NEVER outrun a migraine, the pain always finds you. Apparently in my quest for a a fun night out I lost the ability to actually use my common sense. I hadn’t even had a drink yet. Ugh.

It was at this point, now that we were all the way at the Soho/Tribeca border that I decided I had to bail on my friends. I spotted the subway line and practically jumped out of the cab, begging forgiveness from my friends all the while extremely happy to be on solid ground breathing in cool breaths of fresh air. I steadied myself and made my way to the subway (there was no way I could cab back uptown without vomiting), bypassing the ACE trains, I made my way over a couple of blocks to the 1 line which would basically drop me off right in front of my apartment. While walking there, I was cursing my stupidity, if I hadn’t tempted the migraine gods I would already be in my bed in the my DARK and QUIET room. As I have wrote about before, New York City has to be one of the worst places on the planet when you are suffering with a headache- the city of lights, the city that never sleeps, the city of a million people, the city of sirens… all of these things are amplified in the worst possible way.

But I digress, as I stumbled, squinting (wishing I had my sunglasses to wear at night) to the 1 train, I just kept telling myself I was almost home and that I could do this… Get on the subway, find a seat, close my eyes, keep breathing and I would be home. Right? Wrong. The uptown trains were not running at this station due to construction, I had to go across the street and take the downtown train to Chambers St. and then transfer to the uptown train. At this point, I fleetingly considered just sitting on a bench and resting my aching my head but instead I focused on breathing. I walked across the street and was just about to enter the downtown subway stairs when I heard “Excuse me, are you from NY?, we are lost?” Seriously??? I wanted to just ignore them but the damn Canadian in me made me stop and help them. It was a lovely father and daughter from Cleveland, named Jim and ?, I mean crap, how can I remember at this point?? I was just trying to politely not vomit on their shoes while helping them. Anyway, they were trying to get to the Beacon Theatre (just around the corner from my apt) so I told them to just stick with me and I would help them get there. Luckily they seemed to get the hint that I was not in a very chatty mood.

So, now Jim, ? and I were stuck waiting for the downtown train (9 minutes!!!!) and then we picked up another couple who barely spoke english and needed help getting back uptown as well. We made it to Chambers St. where we waited another 7 minutes (are you f’in kidding me???) until we finally caught an express uptown 2 train. I apologized to Jim and ?, claiming I was tired and rushed to a seat where I promptly closed my eyes and hoped to make it home without incident. And we did, sort of… There was the guy who came through the train pretending to be blind (he was whacking his way around with a broom stick) and coming up to people demanding money, it un-nerved my Cleveland guests but I assured them that you get used to it. When we finally made it to 72nd street and I saw that it would have been another 9 minute wait for the 1, I exited the station with my new friends, pointed them in the direction of the Beacon and even suggested some dinner spots. Dad said “he could kiss me!”, I declined, reminded them to take the 1 train back downtown and then walked to my apt and FINALLY made it home.

As I crawled into the blissful black hole of comfort in the darkness of my room, thankful to finally be home I waited for the quiet to surround me only to hear the full blown temper tantrum of the my neighbor’s daughter. I swear, I can’t make this stuff up even if I tried.

The happy ending to this story is that I slept for 12 hours and fully recovered. And, I also promise to NEVER underestimate the power of the evil migraine beast again 😉


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My aching head!!

On Saturday morning I woke up ready to go and hang out with the family when BOOM! right around the time we were supposed to leave I started to lose my vision. Little blurry, fuzzy squiggles were dancing in front of my eyes and I knew that this was the first sign of a full blown migraine. The crushing pain would soon follow. Needless to say the family left without me and I took some kick ass meds and crawled back into bed praying for absolute darkness and silence.

Except that I live in NYC and there is no such thing as absolute darkness or silence. Big time bummer when you are suffering from a migraine. For those of you who are fortunate enough to have never experienced a migraine, I will give you a bit of a description of how it feels. Basically, you have insane thoughts about cutting off your head because the pain is so intense that it feels like the there are daggers stuck in your head (not that I have ever had daggers stuck in my head, but I am sure migraine equals same pain), if you are really lucky you are nauseous as well, oh and you have an extreme sensitivity to light and sound. Fun times. So basically all you want to do is crawl into the darkest cave you can find (provided there is not a snoring bear in it) and wait until it is over.

On Saturday I settled for my room. Where it was not even remotely dark enough so I hid under the covers. And then I waited for sleep. But while I was waiting, all of the surrounding sounds of NYC that I normally seem to tune out seemed to be magnified by a thousand. I swear I could hear the jackhammer 10 blocks away, as well as the rumble of the subway, dogs barking, people yelling, cars idling, deliveries being dropped, babies crying, skateboarders bombing down Broadway and then there were the sirens, the piercing, blasting sirens. How many friggin’ fire trucks do we have in this city???!!!!

Finally I slept.

When I got up a few hours later I remembered that I had booked a bike for my friend Julie’s class at Soul Cycle. I decided that I was feeling a lot better and that going to Soul Cycle might just help. Ron thought that it would either be epically bad or good, I guess I would know once I got on the bike.

Even though my head was feeling tons better I was still in that post- migraine, still medicated haze. My body seemed to be good to go but my mind was about two steps behind. This was a very odd feeling and as I stepped out (with my dark sunglasses on) into the late afternoon Saturday hustle and bustle of the Manhattan streets, I felt a little disconnected to what was going on around me. All I could think about was “wow, everyone is moving really fast”.

Luckily I met up with my friend Meilan who escorted me to spin where I only managed to make a small fool of myself NOT on the bike but when I didn’t immediately recognize a certain famous Canadian (who just happens to be a brother of another friend) and stumbled and bumbled my way through a conversation… Ugh. Not necessarily my most eloquent moment. And if you want THAT story you will have to buy me a drink first!!

I guess the moral of my migraine story folks is this,-there really is no safe place to be stuck with a migraine but I am really hoping that if it happens to you, that you are as far away from mid-town as possible 😉 Have a good week!

PS. The Soul Cycle was good for both the head and body- definitely got the blood moving, thanks Julie D =)

Can someone please turn off the lights?! Thanks =)

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