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Somtimes the smallest things can breathe a little fresh air into an otherwise dreary day. Today I woke up feeling groggy, took out the dog and was less than inspired by the rain and giant puddles of slush. The perfect cup of coffee followed by a beautiful Soul Cycle class filled with amazing people lifted my spirits and warmed my heart. Today I am grateful for small moments that make a big difference. Be well my friends. 

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This week is teacher appreciation week so it is fitting that today I had the opportunity to be a part of a Soul Cycle birthday celebration ride for one of our amazing and awesome teachers- Casey!!! We have been incredibly fortunate to have teachers that go above and beyond this year. Their awesomeness shines through in their love for the students, their creativity in the classroom and the positive energy that they generate throughout the school. It was so much fun sharing a little bit of love on the bike today for such a fabulous rockstar. Happy Birthday Casey and thank you to both you and Yuna!!!!! We appreciate you each and every day!




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It is still cold in NYC. Whine, whine, whine and more complaining. We have another winter storm warning in effect- 6-10 inches. Ugh. Oh winter, this former Ottawa girl is so over you!! The bright spot in my day was going to Soul Cycle and finding the love, warmth and inspiration on the bike. Love my Soul Cycle family on the UWS. They really are THE best. Thanks Sean for a great class, thanks beyond awesome front desk team and thanks Jessica for being my wing-woman in the class. I soooo needed the warmth of Soul today. Happy Wednesday! Stay warm and safe my friends xox






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Yep, it is the crazy season! Parties, class get togethers, finding the perfect gift, shopping, eating, drinking, more eating, organizing, scheduling, planning, freaking out… Yep. All this fun takes a heck of a lot of work 😉

Today, a week from Christmas I am taking a little time to breathe. Here are a couple of things that are helping me to keep my sanity, extend my patience, find my sense of humor and fight off the scrooge. They need to be enjoyed in balance!

Happy Wednesday to all of you and remember to find the true spirit of the season and embrace the love! xoxo



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It is really easy to get stuck in a rut and never leave your neighborhood, especially in Manhattan where you can find everything you need within a 20 block radius- well, almost everything. Today I had a opportunity to go to my first ever Soul Cycle community ride. This is a ride which features an instructor that is just completing the training program and is leading a class for the first time.  It was amazing. I went to support a rider I know, who, if judging by today’s class, will be an incredible addition to the Soul team. The ride was held at Soul Cycle in the West Village. It was the perfect excuse to get out of neighborhood and wander the beautiful streets of  Soho and the West Village. Unfortunately I didn’t get to take a lot of pics, but I did take a few shots that capture the awesomeness (and unique face) of these neighborhoods. Hope you enjoy them. Have an incredible day and happy Wednesday!









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As the years pass, birthdays seem to arrive at a much faster pace… Has a year really gone by??? It seems like that just happened yesterday! On Monday, my 41st Birthday, I had an absolutely perfect day. It started with a wonderful Chai Latte at my favorite Starbucks and then a little bit of shopping before heading to a Soul Cycle class filled with my incredibly awesome friends taught by the wonderful, amazing, inspiring, fantabulous Dana-have I mentioned how much I love having her in my life??. It was a tough, challenging ride filled with the BEST playlist and I could not have had more fun with my NYC family riding by my side. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

That night I had a super yummy dinner with the family, topped off with my favorite cupcake from Magnolia Bakery. Snuggles with my girls and then quality couch time with my man watching “Game of Thrones” rounded the day off beautifully. Although GOT fans will probably agree with me when I say that “The Red Wedding” did not make for the most relaxing of tv events!!!! I think I am still a bit traumatized…

I am feeling incredibly grateful and lucky to be so blessed with such an amazing family and friends. So on this Wednesday, I simply have to say that my 41st year is looking pretty darn good 😉 xoxo

P.S. I am also still in a bit of awe because my amazing hubby surprised me with a ticket to meet him in Paris next week… C’est Magnifique!! He really has outdone himself this time, there are no words for the amount of love that I have for that man! I look forward to posting some pics and stories from our adventures!


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My aching head!!

On Saturday morning I woke up ready to go and hang out with the family when BOOM! right around the time we were supposed to leave I started to lose my vision. Little blurry, fuzzy squiggles were dancing in front of my eyes and I knew that this was the first sign of a full blown migraine. The crushing pain would soon follow. Needless to say the family left without me and I took some kick ass meds and crawled back into bed praying for absolute darkness and silence.

Except that I live in NYC and there is no such thing as absolute darkness or silence. Big time bummer when you are suffering from a migraine. For those of you who are fortunate enough to have never experienced a migraine, I will give you a bit of a description of how it feels. Basically, you have insane thoughts about cutting off your head because the pain is so intense that it feels like the there are daggers stuck in your head (not that I have ever had daggers stuck in my head, but I am sure migraine equals same pain), if you are really lucky you are nauseous as well, oh and you have an extreme sensitivity to light and sound. Fun times. So basically all you want to do is crawl into the darkest cave you can find (provided there is not a snoring bear in it) and wait until it is over.

On Saturday I settled for my room. Where it was not even remotely dark enough so I hid under the covers. And then I waited for sleep. But while I was waiting, all of the surrounding sounds of NYC that I normally seem to tune out seemed to be magnified by a thousand. I swear I could hear the jackhammer 10 blocks away, as well as the rumble of the subway, dogs barking, people yelling, cars idling, deliveries being dropped, babies crying, skateboarders bombing down Broadway and then there were the sirens, the piercing, blasting sirens. How many friggin’ fire trucks do we have in this city???!!!!

Finally I slept.

When I got up a few hours later I remembered that I had booked a bike for my friend Julie’s class at Soul Cycle. I decided that I was feeling a lot better and that going to Soul Cycle might just help. Ron thought that it would either be epically bad or good, I guess I would know once I got on the bike.

Even though my head was feeling tons better I was still in that post- migraine, still medicated haze. My body seemed to be good to go but my mind was about two steps behind. This was a very odd feeling and as I stepped out (with my dark sunglasses on) into the late afternoon Saturday hustle and bustle of the Manhattan streets, I felt a little disconnected to what was going on around me. All I could think about was “wow, everyone is moving really fast”.

Luckily I met up with my friend Meilan who escorted me to spin where I only managed to make a small fool of myself NOT on the bike but when I didn’t immediately recognize a certain famous Canadian (who just happens to be a brother of another friend) and stumbled and bumbled my way through a conversation… Ugh. Not necessarily my most eloquent moment. And if you want THAT story you will have to buy me a drink first!!

I guess the moral of my migraine story folks is this,-there really is no safe place to be stuck with a migraine but I am really hoping that if it happens to you, that you are as far away from mid-town as possible 😉 Have a good week!

PS. The Soul Cycle was good for both the head and body- definitely got the blood moving, thanks Julie D =)

Can someone please turn off the lights?! Thanks =)

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