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Hello All- Happy February!! Wow, time sure does fly when we are all crazy busy! Hoping to find some time to actually write this week but for today decided to take some pics of how I spent my Wednesday. Have a good one 😉

The girls having a peaceful breakfast- NOT normal 😉

Stepping over sleepy...


Ron packing to head out on another quick trip

Standing up grabbing a quick bite while checking email, Facebook, twitter...

Heading to school

The insanity of morning drop-off

Run time!

Post run stretch

The view down Central Park West

Well, good morning 😉

Ahhh... sweet reward.

On my way to the apartment

Laundry and...

More Laundry!!! (where is the fairy that puts the clothes away??)

Catching up on emails and squeezing in a phone call with an old friend- love you Kel 😉

Taking the boys out for a little "relief"

Sometimes you get lucky and see a few firemen on the way!

Getting groovy with the Wednesday Warriors at Soul Cycle

Enjoying the beautiful day at the park after school

Homework time!

Not nearly as impressed =)

After a dinner of leftovers, I look forward to some couch time, my aching muscles need it- LOL!

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