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Central Perk from the t.v. show "Friends" (NBC)

Over the past week I have really begun to see the importance of the local coffee shop and how it is used in the culture of city life. Remember how much time the “Friends” gang spent in Central Perk even though they had fabulous (and big) Manhattan apartments?

If you ever want to get a slice of life in New York City, walk into a neighborhood coffee shop, order some java, squeeze yourself into one of the crowded seating areas and people watch. It is fascinating to gaze upon all of the different people from various walks of life that enter and exit the cafe. If you are lucky you can even eavesdrop on a nearby conversation and hear snippets of gossip or business transactions. Sometimes you can even begin a conversation with a total stranger and have a fascinating discussion. At some places the personalities of the baristas themselves are worth the price of the beverage.

I have spent a lot of time in our nearby breakfast/coffee joint this week. Unlike most establishments in Manhattan it has an abundance of seating and is an excellent meeting spot. This is where I can come and meet some of my fabulous new friends for a much needed jolt of caffeine, after drop-off in the morning. The daily routine of getting the girls out the door is always hectic and rushed, sometimes it is the hardest part of the day. I look forward to the laughs with the ladies at our morning meet-up. These terrific women have also been an integral part of my transition to the city and the school. They have helped me to find doctors, camps, stores, getaways, and the list goes on… I feel extremely grateful to call them friends.

I think New Yorkers tend to use the coffee shop as an escape from their apartments. Judging by the amount of people working tirelessly on their laptops, it is a way for people to get out of their homes and work in a warm and cosy change of scenery. Even if they are not interacting with others, they are surrounded by people and that can be a lot nicer than talking to yourself in an enclosed space 😉 It is also a convenient location to meet. Manhattan is a walking town, people don’t get into their cars and meet at the mall and browse the stores socializing. We live in apartments scattered throughout our neighborhood. It is convenient for everyone to meet at a central cafe. Unlike the “Real Housewives of New York” most of us do not have large sitting areas with a “staff” readily available to serve refreshments to our guests, so it is logical to meet at a place where we can get food and drink for a reasonable price.

And meet we do… The amount of planning taking place at the neighborhood coffee shop is amazing. Next time you walk in, take a look around you. Parents are planning school events and fundraisers, business types are plotting world domination, teenagers are organizing the weekend agenda, budding writers are writing the next big thing…you never know who you could be sitting beside. Or it just might be someone who needs an extra shot of caffeine to get them through the rest of the day, hard to say really.

I know that I have lots of fun making up stories about all of you, them! Save me a seat…

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