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Okay, after feeling a whole lot of love from around the world and being extremely grateful after having my blog “freshly pressed”, I am going to share some more pictures of the winter wonderland that is Manhattan.  The city is slowly digging itself out from beneath the blizzard and the normal hustle and bustle of Manhattan life is returning. We are enjoying it while we can because the temperatures are rising and rain is on the horizon, which means that pretty soon the island will turn into one big ball of slush! Hope you enjoy the pics 🙂

A "mountain" of snow on Broadway

Forging a path on the street corner

Unplowed side streets

St. Pat's Cathedral


Tourists don't seem to mind the snowy/slushy sidewalks

Puddles at the curbs- deeper than they look!

The view up Fifth Avenue

The Plaza

59th Street

Carriage Rides through Central Park

Mom making snowballs 😉

A wintery walk along the park

Central Park

Uh oh, here comes the slush and the knee deep puddles, better go find the rubber boots 😉

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