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When we moved to Manhattan, the old time New Yorker’s promised me that winters were mild with very little snow. Well, I am waiting for that weather because so far this winter has been very similar to the crazy and unpredictable weather in beautiful cold and snowy Ottawa. On Thursday we were hit with what the media was calling a “monster” snowstorm. Now, Manhattan is full of drama queens and I was sure that they were over exaggerating. But, sure enough we woke up to find the city covered in 16 inches. A pretty decent storm, even by Canadian standards.

Street View

Riverside Park

The kids were ecstatic because it was a snow day! The schools were closed. I am sure there were cheers throughout the city and a few groans from the parents. I was relieved that we didn’t have to start the crazy morning rush. A snow day, such magical words! I taught for 13 years and had never once heard this much wished for announcement. The girls and I decided to take full advantage of our snow day. First thing on the agenda was a leisurely breakfast of eggs and toast while watching cartoons. We had to conserve our energy because we had a very important playdate to go sledding. No not tobagganning, no one knows what that means here, they call it sledding 🙂

Heading out to go sledding!

The sledding hill

We had a fabulous time. The weather was perfect, not too cold and the sun peaked out every once in a while from behind the clouds. The snow was packed down to perfection on the hill and there was some very fast sledding. A, was caught a bit off guard when she managed to get big “air” but managed to laugh at her massive wipe out. R was content staying on the safer, smaller hills. Rachel and I watched from our snow chairs. The only thing missing was a nice cold beer. Really, some young entrepreneur should really get on that.  Serving drinks to parents at the sledding hill on a snow day could result in some pretty good cash…


The super comfy snow chair


We finished the day back at the apartment for pizza, hot chocolate and movies. Everyone crawled into bed that night exhausted after a fun filled day. It was awesome. The girls were hoping for another snow day and I was looking forward to sending them back to school. The weather forecast for this week calls for even more snow. My new friends are starting to blame me saying that I brought the weather with me. I am not quite sure why we are getting soo much “winter”, but I am loving it. If anything, it gives Manhattanites something to talk and complain about. Another similarity they now have with their neighbors up north, eh!




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