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Sitting around on New Year’s Eve Day, I was flipping through the news and heard that Times Square was already bursting to capacity and it was only 2:00 pm!!! Amazing really. I am not sure if I should be in awe of those people who have the energy and tenacity to wait around for 12 hours with no alcohol and few public restroom facilities or if I should feel sorry for them.  Regardless, I happily avoided that area and eagerly anticipated my night out.

Bob and Whitney arrived with the babysitter that they provided for us (does it get any better than that??!!) and we headed out to ring in the New Year. Luck was with us as we were able to avoid the ever growing slush puddles (small lakes!) and we hopped into a cab right outside of the apartment. We headed down to the Lower East Side to our destination, The Eldridge.

The outside of the bar- The Eldridge

The Eldridge is a very cool speak-easy type of intimate establishment that is apparently quite exclusive (so I have heard) and hard to get in to.  Luckily Whitney has connections and we were able to get on the list for the evening. Again, we are soo very grateful that Bob and Whit wanted to spend NYE and their first year anniversary with us. Did I mention that they even provided a babysitter?? Love these friends 🙂

Inside The Eldridge

NYE Table Decorations (and a few drinks...)

We were able to nab a fabulous corner table to sit, dance, talk, drink the night away. Thanks to technology we were even able to keep in touch with friends back in Ottawa wishing them all the best for the evening. My girls in the ‘Creek sent me a wonderful video and there were a few almost tears and laughs! The best of both worlds, so to speak. There was much fun had by all and the great D.J. kept the evening pumping with tunes from past and present.  The night seemed to fly by as we counted down with the rest of the world…

Ron and I... woohoo... a grown-up night out!!

Whitney and Bobby

Happy New Year!!


It was an absolutely magical evening and a perfect way to ring in the New Year, our first in New York City.

The next day we were all moving a bit slowly, even the girls who managed to stay up until midnight to watch the ball drop in Times Square on T.V. A well deserved, relaxing, stress free start to 2011.  Tomorrow, it is back to reality, work and school as well as an opportunity for reflection, change and goal planning.  That, my friends can wait til’ tomorrow, as Whitney has just invited me to the closing performance of “Promises, Promises”.  Did I mention how much I LOVE that woman??

Wishing you all a wonderful New Year filled with health, prosperity, love, happiness and of course, adventure!

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