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On Saturday afternoon Ron suggested that I take my friend Chantal, visiting from Canada, to Eataly. Chantal is a huge food network, cooking show junkie and foodie so I knew that she would LOVE it. The only hesitation I had was the crowds. It was merely a week before Christmas and I was afraid that it would be so packed we would not be able to move. We were pleasantly surprised and had a blast perusing all of the wonderful sights. So, just in case you have not already stuffed yourself full with holiday treats here are a few pics to get your mouth watering! Enjoy 🙂

Located right across from the beautiful Flatiron Building and Madison Square Park

Chantal with her delicious Panini 😉

So very true!

Fruits and Veg

A plethora of mushrooms

Shall we start with cheese? Yes please!

Some bread with that?

Over to the meat section...


Hand made pasta, my weakness.

Something from the sea?

Or shellfish maybe?

Don't forget the Vino!

And of course, dessert- truffle anyone?

Perhaps a pastry or two??

Some handsome dudes enjoying their meal and who graciously let me take their pic 😉

After a meal like that you will need to put up your feet and relax in front of the fireplace =)

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