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So… it’s coming… the big hurricane that is Irene. And well, we are ready. I guess we are ready, as ready as a family who has never experienced a hurricane and lives in an apartment on the island of Manhattan can ever be. We have extra food, water, flashlights, candles, batteries. We are charging cellphones, iPads, Nooks, DS’ and all other electronic devices. I mean God forbid the power goes out and we would actually have to TALK to each other for two days straight 😉

I am trying to make light of the situation because I have to admit I am a little bit freaked out. It is all over the news and I recommend that you DO NOT watch CNN as all it will do is reduce you to panic and hysteria- “there is a hurricane the size of Europe about to make a direct hit on NYC!!!!” “Here is the worst case scenario that could happen in Manhattan…blah, blah, blah”. Yikes, thanks guys, that is really reassuring to all of us who are trying to chill and ride out the storm. We get that it is a dangerous situation but inducing us to all panic is not helping anyone.

The one thing that I did find disturbing is that they have closed all the public libraries in NYC. C’mom, we have all seen “The Day After Tomorrow”, that was my escape plan, I was just going to hop in a cab and head on over to the library and start burning books until I was rescued. I guess we will have to resort to Plan B. We have stocked the kitchen with junk food, downloaded some great family movies, made sure that we have lots of wine and of course we are hoping the children will learn to appreciate the value of a good mid-day nap 😉

To all our friends and family we will keep you posted and don’t worry, we are safe and sound. The only time we will be in jeopardy will be when Ron and I are duelling it out deciding who will have to take the dogs out for a quick pee out front of the building- the rock, paper, scissors battle could get ugly.

Here are some pics that I took about an hour ago when we went on a family walk to burn off some energy and get outside before being apartment bound for the next couple of days.

Have a great weekend, lots of love- The Guirgi xox

Quick run to the park to burn off the pre-hurricane energy!

Chirping Chicken all taped up

Signs like these on most businesses around the city


Dude, I think we will need a bigger umbrella 😉

Does NOT look good!

Notice at the 72nd Street Subway Station

A bit of humour from the Trader Joe's gang (No laughing matter to those panicking because stores are closed)

The line at the Duane Reade was about 100+ people long

Only one bagel left but don't worry...

They still had beer 🙂

Fairway- Closed (An eerie sight)

Starbucks closed, this shit is getting serious!

Here comes the rain!

Good choice to leave the bike parked

Dopey is clearly stressed out

The stash!!

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