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For the past few days I have had pretty low energy. The little one was sick all last week and I think I am fighting that virus as well as allergies. So, today instead of going for a run, I decided that I would save my energy for afternoon spin class instead. But, the weather is incredibly beautiful and I still wanted to get out and take advantage of it, so I went for a walk rather than a run and took a few pics along the way. Hope you enjoy. Happy Wednesday, enjoy the spectacular Spring weather!!

Getting sustenance for the walk 😉

Two towers in the sunshine

Walking down Central Park West

Pretty in Pink

Building detail

Stopped at the light

Good Morning =)

Apartment Entrance Way


Church view

Peeking through the park

Trumped by the Trump 😉

Central Park Entrance Way

Columbus Circle

Looking way up!

Beautiful overheard coverage

Tea for two?

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