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Whoa, June is one crazy month. The endless activities seem, well, endless. You need to be a masterful magician to just keep the scheduling straight and workable. I just keep reminding myself to take slow deep breaths and that the lazy, hazy days of summer are right around the corner!

So, it was a lovely respite yesterday to take time out of the insanity and host a meet and greet for democrat candidate for City Council- Helen Rosenthal. It is impossible to be stressed out when you are standing anywhere near Helen. She exudes a calm strength and positive warm energy. I have met Helen on numerous occasions and I am always struck by how easy she is to talk to as she really listens, actually listens to what you have to say. Yesterday was no different. In this intimate setting she talked easily about her passion for public education, affordable housing, fiscal accountability and her love of the Upper West Side and New York City. What I really like about Helen is her determination, integrity and warmth. If you would like to learn more about Helen and her campaign please visit her website here: www.helenrosenthal.com  I have included some pics from our meet & greet on Tuesday. I hope you enjoy them! Happy Wednesday and to my public school NYC friends, hang in there, one week left until summer vacation =)






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I am proud to say that yesterday I voted in my first ever Presidential Election. Now that I live in the United States, I feel that it is my duty to exercise my right to vote here. Many other countries fight hard for the freedom that we enjoy and that is why it is incredibly foolish to not get out and let your voice be heard at the polling station. So, off I went. I stood in line, marvelling at the positive energy, enthusiasm and patience of my fellow voters. When it was time to cast my ballot I felt a nervous energy and excitement. After I voted, I hung out with my kids, volunteered at the school bake sale for voters (all proceeds to Hurricane Sandy Relief!) and then went home and sat on the couch anxiously awaiting the results. I don’t think I have ever been that nervous for an election, ever. I had also never been as informed about any election as I had for this one. When President Obama was announced as being re-elected I could barely contain my excitement and relief. YES, YES, YES!!!!!! And for all of you Canadian friends who were getting the guest room set up “just in case”- thank you 😉 Four more years, it is definitely time to move forward!!!

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