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I thought this morning I would share some pics of what the REAL housewives of NYC actually spend their time doing. We are getting ready for our school’s Spring Street Fair that is happening this Saturday. It is a fantastic fundraiser for our amazing public school. My friend Abigail who is an incredible crusader for all things Green and is one of the driving forces behind the school’s recycling, composting and green team has encouraged the students to recycle plastic caps all year and bring them into the school. As part of one of the Street Fair activities, Abby and her class as well as any other student that wants to swing by and help are going to create a fabulous piece of artwork made up entirely of re-using these caps of various shapes, colors and sizes. Last year’s artwork made with plastic bottles was incredible. Here is a pic:


So, back to my ultra-glamorous morning. Abby, Meilan, Robin and I spent a couple of hours sifting through large bags of caps and drilling holes through the caps so that they will be ready for the spectacular art compilation on Saturday. Here are some fun pics of us getting our drill on. Thanks to Robin for taking the pictures. Happy Wednesday everyone!!! MUAH =)







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