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Well, hello 2012, looks like you arrived with a bang. It seems just like yesterday that we were ringing in the year 2000 and now look where we are. It has not escaped my notice that the year I turn forty is also the year that the Mayan’s predicted the world would end. Coincidence? Maybe. I am going to run with the theory that those of us born in 1972 are such “wild child” types that the world can’t handle all of us heading on in to middle age together. Yep, that is my theory. It makes me feel better, so there!

As I ponder Forty and a new year, a few thoughts come to mind. Does Forty make me feel old? The answer is yes and no. I definitely feel old when I see my former students on Facebook reach milestones such as 25th Birthdays, University Graduations, First Jobs, Marriages and Babies (!!). Yep, that definitely makes me realize that I am heading towards the rocking chair. But on the other hand, former students still talk to me, I know what Facebook and Twitter are, I have a Blog, can keep up with social media and pop culture references AND I went to the JayZ/Kanye concert. I can’t be THAT old, right… right????!!!!! *Sigh*

So, as I head as gracefully as I can to the age of Forty in this new year of 2012 I guess I can’t help but reflect just a little bit. I am not a big resolution maker, I think that resolutions are just a way to set yourself up for failure. “I resolve to cut chocolate out of my diet”. Sure, it sounds good in theory on the 1st of January but there is no way that it is still going to be happening by (if we are honest), January 2nd! So, instead I am going to reflect.

I am going to try really hard to not sweat the small stuff this year, knowing full well that I will. Because that is what I do, just ask Ron. I can’t help it. Someone has to and it is me. I like to worry. Cut me a little slack, I do live in NYC and there ARE a few things to worry about. “Seriously, where DO they take the garbage??” But I am going to try and worry a little less. Sometimes you need to just let some things go. It is what it is. I realize that. Woooosaaaa!

I am also going to keep up with this whole running thing. I am not going to resolve to get skinny this year. It is not going to happen. I have never been skinny, EVER. Even when I was in the best shape of my life I was not skinny. Not going to happen. Instead I am going to concentrate on being strong. Running with fabulous women and feeding off of their incredible energy and friendship is powerful. We are healthy and running and that is definitely something to be grateful for.

I am going to continue to do a few things that scare me. I just got into the NYC 1/2 Marathon. This is equal parts terrifying and exhilarating. I am in the middle of my training and this will be one of the most challenging yet rewarding fitness goals I will ever achieve. I still can’t decide if I might just be a wee bit insane 😉  This is the year I have to get back in the job market. Also a daunting and exciting task. Nothing moves slowly or comes to you in NYC, I had better step up my game!

Finally, I am going to remember that there is a lot of fun to be had and to keep the laughter alive. There are days when it is easy to take one’s self a little too seriously. We are all guilty of that. I am going to try and pause and find the joy in small moments, everyday. Because, if the world really is ending, I would really hate to have spent the last moments worrying about the last 5 pounds I wanted to lose instead of having that wonderful piece of dark chocolate 😉 Happy New Year family and friends!! I wish you all the best for a fabulous 2012. You are ALL invited to my Fortieth birthday party in June!!

Here are a few pics from our latest NYC adventure as we rang in the New Year by participating in the Emerald Nuts Midnight Run in Central Park. It was an unbelievable experience. A few thousand people running in the park, fireworks and people cheering you on as you did a 4 Mile loop in the park. Awesome!!

Before the Run

Running with just a "few" other people!

Julie, Jessica and I

The confidence and crazy that comes with youth!

Post Race- we are still standing and smiling 😉

Sweet, sweet reward!! Happy New Year!!

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