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This past weekend after A’s band performance it was such a beautiful day we decided to go for a walk. We soon found ourselves at the top of Sara D. Roosevelt Park. Sara D. Roosevelt Park stretches all the way from East Houston Street down to Canal Street. As we walked along the park to the south end to get to the super fun playground I was amazed by all the different activities taking place. There were literally hundreds of people out enjoying the incredible weather. We saw games of soccer, football, catch, handball, chess, poker, polo on bikes (!), basketball as well as bird feeding, people watching, napping, families picnicking, lovers snuggling, buskers busking, panhandlers begging and daydreamers dreaming. It was truly a slice of NYC life coming alive and enjoying the spring like weather. Here are some pics! Have a fabulous Wednesday!

Polo, on bikes...

so incredibly cool!!

The guys playing handball are so freakin' fast.

Daffodils, my favorite, popping up all over the city =)

A little game of round ball.

Chinese dragon under the sun.

Up close they are beautifully made from recycled materials.

At last, the final destination the SUPER packed playground 😉

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