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Yesterday we woke up to an absolutely glorious weather day in NYC.  Well, it was glorious for me.  There was no humidity and the temperature was in the 60’s, high of low 70’s.  A perfect day for a light sweater or a hoodie. Yes, my absolute favourite time of year- crisp mornings, warm days and cool evenings.

There are other clear NYC indicators that the Fall Season is right around the corner. The traffic on the sidewalks has nearly doubled since Labor Day, the uniform of the colour “Black Only” clothing is emerging on the streets, Fashion Week is in full swing and the New York Film Festival is starting in mere days.  Also, who could forget the multiplying billboards advertising new Fall television shows.  There is a definite buzz in the City. The energy and pace has moved from semi-relaxed (I am not sure New Yorker’s ever really relax in the City) to LET’S DO THIS!

I know I am being a little optimistic and by this time next week we will be sweltering in the 90’s +, but yesterday we got out and enjoyed a day off from school and embraced the Fall like weather. Since it was one of their last official days of “summer” before the first real week of school started, I let the girls decide what they wanted to do.  Naturally, they wanted to be surrounded by friends, eat lunch at the Shake Shack and go to one of the coolest spots in Central Park, Adventure Playground. Off we went, here are my favourite pics of the day:

Ahh... the Shake Shack. I might just have a cheese fries addiction.

The kids waiting ever soo patiently outside for their lunch

Adventure Playground (@CPW and 67th)

Love all the space in this playground

The walk home took forever as the kids explored EVERYTHING!!

Ahh, the beauty of Central Park. Can't wait for the leaves to change...

It was a truly wonderful day even if my friend Carol (NYCityMama) and I were exhausted by the end. We figured it was a success, we may have lost a few sand toys but we did make it home with all six kids!

A & R have decided today that we will be heading downtown to Imagination Playground, so I am grabbing another cup of caffeine and am putting on the running shoes.

Do you know what another good thing about this upcoming season is??!! The kids will be in school full time and this tired tour guide will get some much needed alone time… shhh.. don’t tell anyone =)

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