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Yesterday I was meeting a friend for lunch.  I was a bit early so I got off the subway at 28th Street at 7th Avenue and walked across town to Lexington Avenue. Here are my photos as I walked along 28th Street on a crisp October Tuesday at noon.  A little slice of NYC life.  Enjoy.


Come take a walk with me...



Large Plants for Sale on the Sidewalk



Bamboo or other random wood for sale!



The Empire State Building from Broadway & 28th



Local Dudes



Beautiful new building being built at 28th and 5th



Streetscape with the Flatiron building in the background



Cars and Drivers 28th btwn 5th Ave and Madison



The Mighty Vespa- Easy to park!!



The Uptown 6 Train



Just another day on the streets...



Chrysler Building



Bollywood Corner



The walk continues to the...



PERFECT finish!!!!



Seriously, you can't make this stuff up! I LOVE NYC!! =)


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