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So far in NYC, we have had very little snow this winter. Just a few snow showers here and there and barely a dusting to coat the city streets. I know, I know… there is still a lot of winter left and be careful what you wish for and all that… =)

Which brings me to my point. Today has been a damp cold, the kind of cold that you feel in your bones. The kind of cold that the Canadian part of me makes me think that it is going to snow. And sure enough the forecast is calling for some overnight flurries. FLURRIES. I guess that is why there have been THREE snow plows and sanders idling on our street since this morning. Judging by the response from the city (on my street, anyway) we are expecting the snowpocalypse or at least snowmaggedon! Crazy. I am beginning to wonder if they know something the weather people don’t. The trucks are just sitting there at the ready. Don’t they know that the more prepared you are means that not a single drop of white stuff will actually fall from the sky?

Hope you are all having a wonderful Wednesday! And if the NYC Sanitation guys are right, don’t forget to wear your boots tomorrow 😉

Happy winter and happy snow!!


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