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Yesterday I had the opportunity to be a tourist in my new home of New York City. One of my former students Matti P is visiting and we had a lot of fun checking out Downtown, Chelsea and Midtown.  Here are some of the pics from our day. Enjoy!

Starting the day off with a cup of Joe and Lady Liberty-- way off in the distance

Some Tall Majestic Building in the Financial District

Cityscape from Battery Park

The Sphere rescued from Ground Zero

Shadow Fun!

Working on the Freedom Tower (World Trade Centre Site)

St. Paul's Chapel

One of the First Original Oil Paintings of the Great Seal of the United States 1785

Peace Be With You

On Location in Greenwich Village

A Gorgeous Townhouse in the Village

Come on in...

Enter at your own risk...

Halloween at Chelsea Marketplace



Parking Prices in Manhattan

Yep, it's that expensive!!

Start of rush hour getting to the Tunnel (Bridge and Tunnel Traffic)

Finale!! A DRIVE THRU in Manhattan!!!!!

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