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Oh Yes, He Is Stalking Worthy 😉

Yes, there are many celebrities in New York. If you have ever read People Magazine or US Weekly, you will see that they are just like you and I, except for all of the fame, fortune and paparazzi that follow their every move.  Just like us, my ass.  Or are they?  I have now lived in NYC for two and a bit months and I have SEEN some celebrities.  Most notably, the President and his motorcade that just happened to cross our paths as the girls and I were walking home from camp one day.  Oh, and last weekend we walked by Anderson Cooper- gorgeous, but much shorter in real life. Just like Taye Diggs, who my friends and I saw at a Broadway Show once. I am sure that I have seen numerous other celebrities too.  When I say I am sure, I mean, I am not totally sure at all.  Because yes, they are like us. I have been out on the street and walked by a person and thought “Hey, that looks like…” or “I wonder if that was…” There are millions of people in NYC and they tend to just blend in, most of the time. Sometimes they are just too famous to be ignored.

This morning, I received a breathless phone call from my good Canadian friend (living in NYC) who shall remain nameless.  She was beside herself with excitement.  A friend had called her to say that Matt Damon was currently in the park with his children.  This friend of mine had been desperately trying to see Matt Damon (he lives in her ‘hood) since she moved to NYC, a year and a half ago.  All of her other friends that lived around her had seen him but she seemed to ‘just miss him’ all the time.  Today, she was determined.  She raced out her door and ran (not walked) to the park only to get half way there and find out via text that he had just left.  This did not deter my stubborn friend, she decided to wait near his building on the off chance that he would return home.  Her determination was rewarded as she caught a brief glance of the Damon family as their paths crossed.  She was elated.  I mean, who wouldn’t be?  Matt Damon, in the flesh- yummy!

Is this crazy? Maybe. Fun? Sure.  I mean really, if you are going to live in NYC, you might as well try and do a little celebrity watching (err, stalking) from time to time. Would I have scrambled out of the apartment to see Matt Damon?  Hmmm… hard to say.  I guess if I had nothing else to do 😉 After all, I have been known to walk the dogs by the Gossip Girl set when filming or stand on a street corner watching scenes of movies being shot. I think I would prefer my BIG celebrity sighting to be random.  This probably means that I will be picking up a large dog turd and will come face to face with Brad Pitt.  I will keep you posted… Remember, It’s Always An Adventure!

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