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The first full week back at school is always exhausting. The girls are getting used to the routine, new teachers, homework and being back in the classroom full days. And I also have to get my head back in the game. I feel like I spent the week going to meetings, arranging activities, putting out real (and imagined) crisis, re-connecting with friends and filling out the endless start of year forms. There seemed to be very little time for taking a breath, let alone reflection. So at after school pick up on Friday, when my youngest suggested that we go for a walk in Central Park it seemed like the perfect idea to shake off the stress of the week. It was also a nice opportunity for her and I to spend some time just the two of us without big sis.

Me and my little goofball!

It was a beautiful sunny, crisp, cool afternoon. The kind of day that just begs for you to escape into the outdoors. We entered the park at 81st street and joined the rest of the people enjoying the last few hours of daylight in the park. Children laughed in the playground, cyclists flew by at frightening speeds, runners kept pace, lovers walked hand in hand, street vendors offered refreshment, families picnicked, balls were thrown, teenagers lounged, tourists looked at maps, ducks were fed and R and I strolled and chatted, taking it all in.

Taking advantage of the wide open spaces...

Checking out the turtles at Turtle Pond.

I am always a little awestruck by the beauty that is Central Park. Right in the middle of the concrete jungle is an amazing natural oasis. Here in the park it is impossible to walk at a fast pace, the sounds of wildlife and the soothing rustle of the gently blowing trees force you to slow down a bit, look around, drink in the spectacular sights.

View from Turtle Pond

A Peaceful Moment


View from Belvedere Castle

A balancing act =)

Sunset approaches...

We could have just as easily gone back to the apartment and vegged out on the couch but we would have missed out on the incredible NYC backyard that is Central Park. It was exactly what my end of the week needed. Taking a big ‘ole breath and letting out a much needed sigh of relaxation… Hope you are all enjoying your weekend =)

Finding a space just for her 😉

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