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Today has been one of those truly insane crazy Mondays.  The kind where the weather is grey and gloomy, the kids didn’t want to get out of bed in the morning, we were scrambling to get to school on time and then the to do list seemed to get longer instead of shorter.  It felt like there was barely a moment to catch my breath.  The evening wasn’t much better- patience waning, cranky kids, piles of homework, dogs behaving badly and of course, a husband out of town.  The kind of day that made me want to run from the apartment and get on the crazy train… although I am not really sure anyone in NYC would have noticed =)

That's right Monday, you can suck it!!

So, that is why, in a day like today it is hard for me to fully realize that I had one of my true moments of peace and quiet since moving to NYC.  How is this possible, you might ask?  Well, I am a reading buddy.  Yep, once a week I meet with a first grader and I read to him for half an hour.  That is all.  We find a quiet spot in the school and I read to him. Today was our first day and it was truly magical.  The highlight of my day really.  We had met one other time with the rest of the reading group and he told me what stories he liked.  Today I brought him stories that revolved around dinosaurs, the misadventures of the Berenstain Bears and The Magic School Bus.  He was thrilled with the choices, although he informed me that next week he would like to go to the library and pick out some books because the library is a cool place.  Yes, the library IS a cool place.  They have books there AND peace AND quiet.

For half an hour today, it was just Christopher and I and the books.  No cell phone, computer or other outside distractions.  We got lost in the land of dinosaurs, a wacky bear family and a teacher with frizzy hair.  I relaxed and enjoyed the moment.  While walking back to class he turned to me and said “I had fun, let’s do it again”, I smiled and said “I had fun too and not to worry I would be back next week”.  I think my sanity depends on it 😉


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