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It is that time of year again- Winter Break. Although, I feel funny even saying that because I really don’t feel like we have even had winter here in NYC. The kids have worn their snow boots twice!! It has definitely been a crazy year for weather! Anyhoo, enough about that. This is the February school break week for the girls. Even though it really hasn’t been that long since the Holiday break, I really feel like everyone needed a little bit of change of pace and scenery. Case in point, on Sunday both girls stayed in their p.j.’s until mid afternoon and were totally content to hang in the apartment watching movies, reading and playing with their toys. They didn’t ask to go out once. They just needed some well deserved down time. I know how they feel.

Ron and the girls snuggling on the couch =)

There is something about February the shortest month, that seems to drag, wear on our patience and generally pull people into a funk. If the crap is going to hit the fan it usually happens in February 😉 So, on that note, it really is nice to have a bit of a breather right smack in the middle. While most New Yorker’s jet off to far away destinations or at least escape the Island, we have decided to enjoy a little staycation in one of the best cities in the world!! Ron is super busy at work right now and I have to admit, I am just enjoying NOT having a schedule to adhere to. I am sure by the end of the week I will be going a bit stir crazy, I am already missing my running group, but right now I am loving the flexibility. I also love exploring this incredible city and finding cool places to take the girls to.

NYC as our playground!!

Yesterday we decided to play tourist. The girls begged me to take them to the Times Square area because they really wanted to go to ToysRUs and American Girl Place. I was a little hesitant since it was a holiday and I did not want to get stuck in crowds and crowds of people. But, I gave in and we had a great day. We started off at the Empire 25 movie theatre on 42nd St. Over a healthy lunch of popcorn we watched the movie “The Secret World of Arrietty”. It was a wonderful movie and I highly recommend it. An enchanting, magical and thoughtful story. Each of us gave it two thumbs up!! After the movie we headed to ToysRUs. The girls had a specific “Barbie” that they were looking for and moved through the crowds like pros. I swear you would think those two had lived here since birth. I am often in awe of their confidence and resilience.

Striking a pose in Times Square

From ToysRUs we headed over to American Girl Place where they were eager to finally spend their gift card that Chantal had given them at Christmas. Again, they manoeuvred through crowds with comfort and ease. Not really sure what I was worried about, maybe MY sanity 😉 We topped the day off with a Magnolia cupcake. Yep, totally touristy and we loved it. Especially the part where it was just a short walk home through Central Park to crash in our warm and cozy apartment.

Today, we enjoyed a leisurely morning, followed by a manicure for the girls (another gift certificate from Christmas) and then a shopping trip to Trader Joe’s. We are getting ready for a friend sleeping over tonight where we will be making chocolate chip pancakes for dinner in celebration of Fat Tuesday.

A little pampering 😉

The finished product

And what does the rest of the week have in store for us? Who knows? I have a few ideas in the back of my head. My good friend Rebecca of Beccarama told me about The Museum of The Moving Image for the Muppet Exhibit, I know the girls would LOVE that. And then when they get home they can review it on the incredible Kidzvuz site (if you have kids/tweens and they haven’t visited this site yet, what are you waiting for??!!) There is also The Bronx Zoo, The Brooklyn Museum and of course, there is a Carlos Cake Boss mug that I have to replace… Really, a NYC staycation has endless possibilities!! We are looking forward to our next adventure. Oh, and February isn’t ALL bad, there is Ron’s birthday and on Friday we will dine in style to celebrate his 40th. By then, I will definitely need a drink or two 😉

*Some other great resources for kids in NYC are: NYCity Mama, Mommy Poppins, Time Out NYC Kids

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My parents are in town visiting and we woke up to the usual weekend question of “what are we going to do today?”.  It sounds silly in a city like New York, that a person would even have to think twice about this question but sometimes having too many options can be extremely daunting. So, there we were sitting at breakfast trying to think of something to do that would engage three generations of, well, stubborn critics.  After another big gulp of caffeine, I went to my trusty new resource “Time Out New York For Kids”. It was there that I found out that the Feast of San Gennaro (street fair) was being held in Little Italy.

Yesterday was a beautiful late summer, early fall day in NYC. The skies were slightly overcast and the temps were warm, a perfect day to enjoy a classic weekend street fair.  A NYC street fair is a must see. They happen on most weekends in alternating parts of the city. Roads are closed off to cars so that pedestrians can meander down the middle of the block checking out various vendors that range from jewellery, t-shirts, artists, crafts, local shops and food.  Did I mention FOOD?  It is hard to wander by a street fair without checking it out because the food alone, will entice even the most jaded New Yorker.  So, we piled into the subway and made our way down to Little Italy to check out the Feast.

Little Italy in NYC basically consists of one glorious street- Mulberry Street.  I know that there are other wonderful Italian neighbourhoods in NYC, but the classic “Little Italy” is on Mulberry Street wedged in between Chinatown on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. It is an exciting street filled with culinary and cultural delights.

Mulberry Street

As a family, we navigated the crowds and were entertained by the various sights and sounds.  I still can’t get the song “Mambo Italiano” out of my head.  And then of course, there was the food.  Here is just a small sampling of some of the incredible offerings:

Deep Fried Oreos, Anyone?


A Feast Of Pasta

Don't Forget Dessert...

The hardest part of the walk was trying to figure out which delicacy to try.  The kids made it easy and wanted to try one of everything. The big hits of the day were the homemade Cannoli, Lemonade and Icies.  And of course, the rides.  Although, there IS something a bit un-nerving seeing a ferris wheel (even a mini-one) placed in between buildings in Manhattan.

A Mini Ferris Wheel on Grand Street

It was definitely a fun way to spend the afternoon and I don’t think we scared the parentals too much except when we hit the crowds on Canal Street to get home.  HA! It really is always an adventure… One that even Snooki and The Situation would have approved. 😉

Enough Said.

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