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One of the best things about moving to NYC has been the visitors.  It is my absolute favourite thing to show people around Manhattan and play tour guide.  I love doing it.  But, I have to admit, today I am tired.  We just finished a wonderful visit with my sister-in-law and nephew.  While they were here I saw THREE Broadway shows, I have not seen that many shows since moving here!  We also shopped (including a crazy adventure for purses on Canal Street), dined out and visited with friends and family.  It was amazing. But, I have to admit, playing in this city can be exhausting.  So, now it is time to go back to reality for a bit.  It has been a month of visiting, galavanting, exploring, wining and dining.  I really don’t know how celebrities do it 😉


Z and Line in front of the tree at Rockefeller Center


Ted, Claudia & Robert Creighton (Amos Hart) backstage at "Chicago"

So, today on this rainy, gloomy day in the city, I am enjoying some quiet time with the family. The Christmas tree is lit, the girls are watching movies, the smell of Ron’s stew is wafting from the kitchen and I am getting organized.  Checking off items on Christmas lists, adding to the the “to do” list, working on the pile of laundry and generally just enjoying not really having to leave the apartment. Don’t get me wrong, there is always room at Casa Guirgi and my heart is full of love when people come to stay, but I am looking forward to a week of being ordinary.  My “big” plans for the week include doing groceries, helping with homework, watching back episodes of shows on the PVR and baking Christmas cookies.  I figure this will last for about a week and then I will be itching to go out and share this incredible city with well… maybe YOU!!  On to the next adventure!

Mr. Blue and I!

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