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Yesterday, I finally bit the bullet and went to the DMV office located at Herald Square. It was time to surrender my Ontario driver’s license to get my NY State driver’s license. Two hours later, I left, officially licensed to drive in New York and I promptly got on the subway 😉 Ironically, this trip to the DMV made our move to NYC finally seem official and very real. I now have a permanent piece of ID that has my picture and our address in NYC on it. We live here. Wow. It may finally be sinking in.

But, enough about me and back to Wordless Wednesday. While I was on my way to Herald Square I walked down the very famous 34th St. and took a few pics. Hope you enjoy them. Happy Wednesday!

The view of the mighty Empire State Building as you exit the subway

34th and 7th


The morning rush


Walking across 34th, in the shadow of the Empire State Building

34th and Broadway

Getting ready to get "on line"- ugh, two hours later...

Freedom! And Macy's 😉

Street Vendor

The ever present tour bus... hop on/hop off

Old Navy

For my Canadian friends =)

Love the blue sky behind the buildings

Getting ready to go back underground...

The 1,2,3 Line

Waiting on the platform

Penn Station- Heading back Uptown

Home Sweet Home!

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