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It has become painfully (ouch!) clear to me that in order to live in New York City you must become a little obsessed with your feet. Here is a pic of my poor, sad feet after a day of shopping.

I know, I have a terrible Sandal tan!

Yes, I am in desperate need of a pedicure.  Yes, that is NYC dirt and grime stuck between my toes and YES, I do have a band-aid on my heel!!

When I was out in the stores today and was stuck on line* purchasing small, inexpensive items (hubby reads my blog) I began to notice an alarming trend on many of the women who were waiting ahead of me.  They all had band-aids of various shapes and sizes sticking out of their numerous types of footwear.  Surely they were not all wearing new shoes or were tourists.  And then I remembered, the seasons were changing. I am sure, like the purpose of my band-aid, they were breaking in old shoes as they wore them out for the first time in months.

NYC, is a very un-forgiving city in many ways, but it is especially hard on the feet. The poor old tootsies are beaten up on a daily basis, subjected to various types of torture including; gum on the sidewalks, dog droppings, random garbage, broken bottles, puddles of un-identifiable liquid, stepping on toe-itis in jammed subway cars, and of course, the worse offender- FASHION!  Say hello to these babies that I HAD to purchase today and I am sure will be very comfortable when I am standing for hours at a time 😉

Hello Gorgeous!

Is it any wonder that the only thing that is more prevalent than Starbuck’s on the streets of Manhattan is the Nail Salon/Club.  They are everywhere.  You can run in and get a pedicure in record time.  For a very small cost. I should be writing this post from a nail salon, my feet deserve it.  It is not smart to neglect your feet in Manhattan, they are the main mode of transportation. Unless of course you are in the economic stratosphere where you have your own personal driver.  But, if you had your own driver you would miss out on the best part of NYC, all of the fun of walking and exploring each site one pace at a time.  Where’s the adventure in that?

*ON line is a NYC term, native to New York that actually means IN line.  For example: “Excuse me, are you waiting on line to get tickets for the show?”.  Weird, I know.

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