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I have logged many, many miles running in Central Park but it was only recently that I actually noticed the beautiful Obelisk (nicknamed Cleopatra’s Needle) that sits in grandeur behind the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Ask my friend Rachel, apparently I wasn’t very observant, although I blame all the focus on trying not to pass out while running ;)!! There is a fascinating story about this beautiful Obelisk, that you can read about here. Essentially it is the oldest man made object in the park and was indeed a gift from Egypt. Today as we were running through the park a woman was painting the Obelisk and I was compelled to stop and take a pic. She was incredibly talented and I was struck by the beauty of the morning, the Obelisk itself and her stunning representation. I hope you enjoy! Happy Wednesday everyone!!

The Obelisk (Cleopatra’s Needle) in Central Park

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