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Summer weather has officially hit NYC which means hot and steamy running conditions. That didn’t stop us and tons of other runners from getting out there and hitting the pavement on global running day. The 4 miles weren’t exactly refreshing but they did feel like a great workout. Feeling lucky to be able to have access to so many incredible running routes in NYC and grateful for fantastic running partners. Happy Global Running Day everyone! Hope you find some time to lace up and get out there 😊

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This morning Memphis and I did our first run together in Central Park. The forecast for the week calls for rain and more rain so I thought I would try and burn off some of his energy by bringing him with me. I am supposed to be easing back into running. Ha! He is fast. I definitely slowed down his pace but luckily he is easily distracted by everything!! Squirrel!!

We have to work on our synchronicity but he is an enthusiastic partner and motivator. His energy is contagious. 

It was great to be back in the park hitting the pavement. Hope you are having a great day! Stay dry and think positive. 😀

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Today is a beautiful spring like day. The temps are climbing and the sun is shining. I have been sidelined from running for a few months now with achilles tendonitis. Rest and physical therapy have been helping but I have definitely missed pounding the pavement. 

I recently got the go ahead to start running again. To run in very short amounts. And I promised I would listen to my body. Something most of us runners are not very good at. 

So, this morning I headed to the park and did a VERY short and slow walk/run. It felt good and it is a start. Central Park was its majestic self, teeming with runners, walkers and cyclists. It is really hard to resist its beauty on such an incredible day 😀 

Memphis was happy to welcome me back home by saving a sunny spot for me on the couch 💜 


Happy Wednesday my friends. Keep springing forward and focusing on the positive. Remember, one foot at a time 😉

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It was a bit of a struggle bus this morning as I pounded 8 miles of Central Park. The sun was shining, everything is blooming, other runners are out in full force-it is pretty much perfect. Except I was overdressed and my allergies were bugging me and my pace was all over the place and, and, and… That is the funny thing about running, everything can be perfect and you can still have a tough day on the road. 

But, I did it. 8 miles. I am training again, back in the game. Moving forward. Doing it. I am out there. Ottawa, I am coming for you!! 😀 

A BIG thank you to Jessica who dragged my butt through the last four. Gotta love my amazing running partners/girlfriends.  I am one lucky lady. 

Get out there today and do something that is going to kick your butt just a bit, you can do it!! Happy Wednesday! Play nice and always remember to chose kindness. Xox 


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This winter sure is stubborn. Waking up to temperatures hovering around freezing is getting really old. At least today there was no wind, in fact the weather network described it as calm. Definitely a step in the right direction. I went for a short, slow run in the park today and instead of sticking to the road, I was drawn toward the beauty of the reservoir. The sun was beaming down and it actually felt like it was warming up the pathway. Central Park is ready to just burst into bloom. Any day now, at least that is what I tell myself as I grumble and groan and search for gloves 😉 We are all ready. Here are some pics of the reservoir, I hope you enjoy them and can grab a bit of sunshine for yourself. Have a great day! xo








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Today is National Running Day so even though I was feeling a little sluggish, I laced up the sneakers met up with some of my favorite running gals and headed to Central Park. I am incredibly fortunate to call Central Park my training ground. Its beauty in all the seasons is stunning. The views NEVER get old and I promise to never take the fact that I can run here for granted. Today, I will share some pics with you that I took during our running route. We ran at a very leisurely pace on this hot and humid day, we allotted time for pictures, water breaks and even headed over to the New York Road Runners Club to pick up our National Running Day bibs and bandanas. It was perfect. I feel so very fortunate to be able to run with a group of fabulous women on one of the best running courses in the world. I run to be healthy, strong, fierce, the beast mom, for my sanity, to spend time with my friends, for coffee time afterwards and of course, for cupcakes 😉 Happy Wednesday everyone and Happy Running!!!















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This morning I had one of those great runs. The kind of run that you really, really need. The kind of run where the sun is shining, there is little wind, the air is fresh and it just feels fabulous to pound the pavement under your shoes. Today I was back together with some of the best women I know, relieving some stress, burning some calories, sharing some laughs and reminding myself that there is joy in just getting out and moving. Sometimes there is happiness in the simplest of things. Much needed. Feeling grateful for lacing up the sneakers and getting out there. Hope you all have a fabulous Wednesday and as we roll into Valentine’s Day surround yourself with love and positivity. You know I love you 😉



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Today there is a warm front moving in that will soon be chased out by a cold front… ahh, the joys of winter 😉 So, our run in Central Park was incredibly foggy and breathtakingly beautiful. Here are a few pics, hope you enjoy them. Happy Hump Day my friends! And yes, sorry my Canadian peeps, we are running in only one layer. Maybe winter really is better here (see previous post).










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I have logged many, many miles running in Central Park but it was only recently that I actually noticed the beautiful Obelisk (nicknamed Cleopatra’s Needle) that sits in grandeur behind the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Ask my friend Rachel, apparently I wasn’t very observant, although I blame all the focus on trying not to pass out while running ;)!! There is a fascinating story about this beautiful Obelisk, that you can read about here. Essentially it is the oldest man made object in the park and was indeed a gift from Egypt. Today as we were running through the park a woman was painting the Obelisk and I was compelled to stop and take a pic. She was incredibly talented and I was struck by the beauty of the morning, the Obelisk itself and her stunning representation. I hope you enjoy! Happy Wednesday everyone!!

The Obelisk (Cleopatra’s Needle) in Central Park

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One of my great joys right now is the incredible group of women that I have the privilege of running with three days a week. As you know from reading my post on achieving my goal of running my first ever 1/2 marathon, I would not have been able to have done it without them. I feel like our friendships have grown stronger and we have formed a great bond by pounding the pavement mile after mile in Central Park.

So, it truly was an honor to watch my friends achieve their personal 1/2 marathon goal on April 15th in the women’s only MORE race in Central Park. Psychologically this is an extremely hard race as it encompasses two full loops of Central Park. Crossing the start line and continuing on for a second loop is mentally hard especially when you know that you have to face all of those challenging hills one more time. I did not envy them this course. It is a tough one. And on this day the weather was very warm and humid for April. The sun was beating down and this was not the weather we had trained in.

Jessica and I positioned ourselves on Harlem Hill at the point where you think you are almost up the hill but still have the last little gruelling bit to climb. It is an ugly fight to the top. Trust me, I curse at this point every, single, time. Jess and I waited with our noise makers and our sign for our running partners.

Oh ya, we do!!!

It was truly inspiring to watch a women’s only race and to see the determination and commitment as thousands of women conquered the Harlem Hill. But, it really was one of the best feelings when we saw our amazing running partners looking like the incredible and strong women that they are kicking some butt as we screamed and cheered them on, twice. I couldn’t help but get all choked up. We had all come such a long way, together.

After we watched our last friend reach the top of the hill Jessica and I exited the park and hopped in a cab, heading down towards the finish line. We couldn’t wait to see our running crew and congratulate them. What a feeling! What an accomplishment! We all stuck with it, we encouraged each other when we needed it, we laughed and cried and cursed. WE ARE ROCKSTARS!!!

I just want to say a BIG Congratulations to my amazing running friends. You continue to inspire me everyday with your dedication,energy and strength. Seriously, LOVE you all.

And we are still running… I can’t wait to see where our sneakers take us next!!

Congratulations, my amazing running friends!!

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