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I have logged many, many miles running in Central Park but it was only recently that I actually noticed the beautiful Obelisk (nicknamed Cleopatra’s Needle) that sits in grandeur behind the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Ask my friend Rachel, apparently I wasn’t very observant, although I blame all the focus on trying not to pass out while running ;)!! There is a fascinating story about this beautiful Obelisk, that you can read about here. Essentially it is the oldest man made object in the park and was indeed a gift from Egypt. Today as we were running through the park a woman was painting the Obelisk and I was compelled to stop and take a pic. She was incredibly talented and I was struck by the beauty of the morning, the Obelisk itself and her stunning representation. I hope you enjoy! Happy Wednesday everyone!!

The Obelisk (Cleopatra’s Needle) in Central Park

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The girls have been at sleepaway camp since Sunday and yes, it has been VERY quiet around here. No kids for two whole weeks, a mini vacation. And what better way to spend it then by enjoying some of New York City’s best spots without children. So, this morning I took advantage of the “me time” and explored the MET- Metropolitan Museum of Art  with my good friend Rachel. We didn’t have to listen to one “I’m bored” as we leisurely strolled through the exhibits that WE picked out. It was wonderful! Here are some of my favorite pics from our very civilized adult outing. Hope you have a fabulous Wednesday!

P.S. I did however, buy postcards to send to the girls, I haven’t totally forgotten about them 😉


Beautiful sun filled galleries

Joan of Arc

Love this!


Rachel and I on the rooftop garden

View from the rooftop garden

The Cloud (an exhibit on the rooftop)

Looking up into the Cloud


Checking out the Modern Art

Pausing to enjoy the view 😉

More modern art


Couldn’t take my eyes off of him!

Just hanging out at the museum

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