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I know, I know, we are all sick of winter weather but hey, it IS spring. What happened? Why am I still wearing boots, gloves and a big puffy coat? Since I just recently moved from Ottawa, Canada, I should be used to a never ending winter. The problem is, last Friday it was 70 degrees and the whole city just seemed to take a deep sigh of relief. There was a bounce in people’s step, smiles were shared and the city seemed to have a whole renewed sense of energy.

And then Monday came and the temperatures plunged. The days following were filled with sleet, hail, rain, snow and gloomy skies. Just like the temps, people’s attitudes and outlooks dropped too. There was grumbling and groaning and not just from me. Once again all we could talk about was the weather. The general consensus is that Mother Nature is cruel, very cruel. My daughter’s even started whining about the weather. R said “this is NOT the way spring is supposed to be” and A said “I thought if it came in like a lion, it was supposed to go out like a lamb”. Indeed.

I know it could always be worse. Given what is happening around the world, I should probably just suck it up. I also know that in a few months we will be complaining about how HOT we are and how there is no relief from the heat. That is just the way it goes. Canadians are NOT the only people who like to talk about the weather 😉

The thing is, is that I am getting really impatient for actual spring like weather in NYC. Everyone keeps telling me how incredible New York is in the springtime. How it is their favorite time of the year. I can’t wait. I want to experience it. Just like everyone else, I am tired of the drab winter boots, I want to break out the new spring sneakers and dare I say it, the mighty flip flop. I want patio drinks and walks through Central Park while everything is in bloom. Long walks in the sunset…=)

Alright, enough ranting for today. After all, it IS Friday and the sun IS shining (even though it is freezing out) so I will leave you with all with WARM wishes and positive vibes. May the company you keep, be all the warmth you need. xoxo

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