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This past Friday we moved into our new apartment. The girls and I love the new space. It truly feels like a fresh start and a warm and wonderful home. On that same day we also welcomed a new addition to our family. 

It wasn’t supposed to happen this fast… We had just put our beloved Dopey down not too long ago. But, as I have learned time and again, life doesn’t always work on  a specified timeline or go exactly as planned. 

A kind hearted and amazing soul named Judy who works with the group NYC Second Chance Rescue was fostering Memphis. I decided to go and meet him. From the moment I laid eyes on him, I knew he was the perfect dog for our family. Memphis is a total love bug who loves everyone, is curious, happy to meet other animals and loves cuddles and kisses. He is approximately 9 months and weighs 40 pounds. Judy is convinced Dopey sent him to us, I think she might be right. Hard to say if we rescued him, or if he rescued us 💜

I feel like brighter days are ahead. Hard to  have a bad day when a happy, wiggle butt greets you at the door!

A BIG thank you to Judy and NYC Second Chance. We are grateful for all you do. 

Happy Wednesday my friends, sending puppy kisses your way!!


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February has turned out to be one long and frigid month. We are all sick of the weather. My youngest asked if we could move to Hawaii and honestly, I think it is beginning to sound like a pretty good plan. 

On these cold winter days it is very tempting to dive back under the covers and stay in bed. It is even more tempting when a snoring dog is the perfect hibernation buddy. I have taken these pics of Dopey dog over the past few days. I am very jealous of his beautifully perfected nap anywhere technique. He is one cosy dog on a winter day. Hope you enjoy the pics and are managing to stay warm. The birds are chirping and the sun is shining today. Spring is coming 🙂

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Dopey Dog In The City

We moved all the way to New York City, the urban jungle, the concrete playground, the mecca for tall buildings so that Dopey dog could finally discover wildlife. This is not a joke. Back in the suburban hood life of Findlay Creek, the only other animal that he was exposed to was the neighbour’s cat. Not so here. He has a new obsession, the common squirrel. In the Creek, the trees were not large enough for the fluffy tailed critters. Here, in NYC, lots of big old trees equal lots of fast moving friends to be chased. And chase he does. You are probably thinking to yourself “so what?”. I mean what could possibly go wrong with a 100 pound dog trying to reach a squirrel up a tree on a Manhattan sidewalk crowded with people? Starting to get the picture? Yep, it isn’t pretty. Especially when I am also trying to hang on to the old man (Bogie- dog) and usually a large bag of freshly picked up dog turd. I can often be heard saying out loud to no one in particular, “Now Dopey, stop chasing the squirrels, they don’t want to play” as I am firmly planting my two feet, trying not to be pulled off the ground, while horrified Nannies give me scathing looks as they are sure Dopey is about to eat the children they are in charge of. I feel like telling them “Don’t worry, he only goes after squirrels, pigeons, rats and the occasional cockroach that crosses his path on the sidewalk”. Somehow I don’t think this will reassure them. All the while Bogie stands there looking horribly embarrassed and disgusted by the behaviour of his dog brother.

Yesterday, in a move resembling nothing short of brilliance, I decided to take Dopey with me when my mother and I went for a walk in Central Park. I guess I had forgotten how many trees there are in the park and well, you know, squirrels. It was a battle of wills and sheer strength but in the end I think I made my point. I was the human dammit, and he would listen or not…

On the hunt...

Success! Squirrel!

We survived. My shoulder is a bit sore today and Central Park squirrels remained safe. Dopey dog seems to be tired out. It is hard being the Dopey Dog in the City. People stop to admire him, want to play with him, ask about his fashionable Canadian leash and sometimes the occasional paparazzi (tourist) wants a photo with him. It’s a dog’s life!

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When we were first even considering making the big move to New York City my first thoughts revolved around the children.  How would they deal with such a big move? What would life be like for them? We would be moving from a house in a community surrounded by green space and a big backyard to an apartment with no outdoor space and very little room to run around. What would their new school be like?  Could they handle the constant noise, fast pace and frenetic energy? How would I cope with two young children and the traffic, small spaces, distractions and the crowds of people.

Put quite simply, it has been a learning experience for all of us.  I shudder at the thought that I have actually said “Do NOT lick the subway pole”.  Yet, it was only last night that I came to the realization, that the kids are adjusting just fine.  As I was chilling out in the bathtub (a spot where I do all of my best thinking) I reflected on our NYC day.  That morning we had done our back to school shopping in a very crowded Macy’s, dragged our purchases home on the subway, and then visited a local Asian restaurant for dumplings and noodles.  Back in Ottawa, my children would never have suggested dumplings for dinner. Here in NYC, they seem to have adopted a much more open mind, I think you have to.  After dinner it was a truly glorious evening. Ron and I walked through Central Park while the children rode their scooters up ahead.  They manoeuvred through the throng of people like old pro’s and they never once complained that they were tired.

This is the thought that struck me last night.  The kids are no longer complaining about the walking.  They have found their NYC legs.  For those of you that have ever visited NYC or live here, you will know exactly what I mean.  It is impossible to not come home after a long day of pounding the pavement and not feel it in your tender tootsies.  Over the last couple of weeks the kids have stopped complaining about not having a car and put on their running shoes and go.

A reading to R on a subway ride

Now, trust me, things are not all sunshine and lollipops and I would be lying if I said I did not have days when I feel like having a meltdown because one of them has to pee and there is absolutely no clean place around to do so OR when they have a moment of homesickness for friends OR one of the children just breaks down because they have had a really long day in a City that can sometimes be very unforgiving.  And I am sure that there are many challenging moments ahead. But, all in all, these moments are outnumbered by the many positive adventures and by the fact that I still think to myself, “Holy Fuck,  these kids are growing up in NYC- what an amazing opportunity!”  A truly amazing opportunity indeed.

A different day, a new adventure!

Now, as for the dogs… well it would be going a lot smoother if Dopey would just get over the whole pooping on pavement thing… but I think I will save that story for another day! 😉

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