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Yesterday the girls had a half day of school due to parent teacher conferences. They wanted to do something “fun” so we planned a trip to go and see The Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum. Here are some pics that I took on our walk to and from the famous aircraft carrier. Hope you enjoy our latest adventure…

The NYTimes Building

Port Authority

Looking up 8th Avenue

City Scene

.99 for a slice- can't beat that!

Heading to the Lincoln Tunnel

Croatian Church

Brand New High Rise Living

Funky Park (with Astro-Turf) in the middle of the Concrete Jungle

Looking up, waaaay up!

Dreaming of warmer temperatures?!

The Mighty Intrepid

A great view of midtown from the flight deck

Top Gun!

Heading towards Hell's Kitchen

Double the advertising, double the fun???

Local Tavern

Street View (46th St.)

Looking across the street with the skyline of midtown in the distance

My curious little New Yorker

Pausing to watch...

A pick-up game in a local park

Shoes worn in various Broadway shows

LaDuca Shoes

More Street Views

Heading back to the subway and home!

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