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It is one of those gloomy, gray, coolish fall days where it would be very easy to pull the covers over your head and go back to bed. Instead I went on an errand run with my friend Jess and took some pics along the way. Hope you enjoy the randomness of my latest adventure wandering the streets of Manhattan. From Chelsea to Harlem and back home again, I love the different vibes in each of the the ‘hoods in this city! Happy Hump Day =)
























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I have walked by the One Million Acts of Kindness bus (see pics below) a few times in the past couple of days and to be honest I haven’t ventured over to their website but I am sure I will. Instead, what it got me to think about was the simple act of just being nice. Thinking before you act and trying to be positive. In NYC, it is possible to come in contact with dozens, sometimes even hundreds of people a day. That kind of human interaction can be exhausting at the best of times. When I looked at the bus and read the inspirational quotes written on it, it inspired me to just be a little bit nicer as I went about my day. It really doesn’t take a lot of effort. With all of the crazy going on in the world today, just being nice to the people around us might go a long way to enjoying a happier state of being. At the very least, it just might make someone’s day 😉 On that note, have a fabulous day and be well. Happy Wednesday, S xo

One Million Acts of Kindness Bus

Words of kindness

Just be nice!

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Yesterday the girls had a half day of school due to parent teacher conferences. They wanted to do something “fun” so we planned a trip to go and see The Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum. Here are some pics that I took on our walk to and from the famous aircraft carrier. Hope you enjoy our latest adventure…

The NYTimes Building

Port Authority

Looking up 8th Avenue

City Scene

.99 for a slice- can't beat that!

Heading to the Lincoln Tunnel

Croatian Church

Brand New High Rise Living

Funky Park (with Astro-Turf) in the middle of the Concrete Jungle

Looking up, waaaay up!

Dreaming of warmer temperatures?!

The Mighty Intrepid

A great view of midtown from the flight deck

Top Gun!

Heading towards Hell's Kitchen

Double the advertising, double the fun???

Local Tavern

Street View (46th St.)

Looking across the street with the skyline of midtown in the distance

My curious little New Yorker

Pausing to watch...

A pick-up game in a local park

Shoes worn in various Broadway shows

LaDuca Shoes

More Street Views

Heading back to the subway and home!

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This week the girls are off school for their winter break and the lovely Chantal is visiting from Canada.We have spent the last few days exploring the city and spending some quality time together. Here are some pics from our latest adventures. Enjoy!

Snowy view of the American Museum of Natural History

GHS Reunion in Rockefeller Center (With Peter and Chantal)

New York Public Library

Interior view of the Public Library

Old school telephone booths... watch out for Clark Kent

The original Winnie-the-Pooh

Grand Central Station

The Chrysler Building

Sisters in the City

The Waldorf Astoria

M&M World

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So, there is not too much new and exciting going on here today. Got up, had some breakfast, rushed to get the girls to school on time… the usual. I also got to hang out with my friend Carol from NYCityMama who took me with her to the XBOX 360 KINECT event today where we were able to try out some new games and hang out with some personal trainers (aka cute boys and girls) who talked to us about KINECT fitness. It was tons of fun. Oh and it is snowing…again. Here are some pics of my day, hope you enjoy.

Breakfast of Champions! -yes, that is an empty cupcake box in the background 😉

Battling the crowds to get to school

Umbrellas for snow are just wrong, wrong, wrong!

Waiting for the Downtown 1 Train

The Lovely NYCityMama (Carol)

The Beatles hanging out on top of the Apple store (Chelsea)

10th Avenue and 15th Street

Goodies at Sarabeth's in the Chelsea Market

More yummy treats...

Self Portrait

Chelsea Market

W. 15th Street

The incredible converted warehouse space at Milk Studios

The view looking out over the Hudson River on a snowy day

The Kinect for XBOX

One of the stations "The Biggest Loser"- a tough and fun workout

Stylish "Tilly"- a furry sidewalk friend

Chelsea Streetscape

Gorgeous Chelsea homes

Winter Wonderland

Heading home...

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