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NYC is often categorized as the city that never sleeps. In truth, there really is always something going on and rarely do you find yourself walking down a street by yourself.  However, I found that there is one exception and that is early Sunday morning.  There is something truly magical about walking out of your apartment early on Sunday morning in Manhattan.

The Sun Beginning to Peak Over the Buildings

For one, it is quiet. Now, don’t get me wrong, it is not country living quiet, but there is a softness to the sounds.  As if the whole city is a bit sleepy. In the distance you can hear the gentle rumble of the subway and the occasional honk of a horn but there is no urgency.  It is as if NYC becomes a bit kinder and gentler on Sunday mornings. Almost as if Manhattan is nursing one big hangover… and I am sure many people are.  This really is the only time when you can walk down the street and feel like you have room to breathe.  You can meander and no one will bump into you and swear at you under their breath 😉  Sure, there are a few other people on the street- the groggy eyed dog owner out for the morning “duty”, the over-achieving fitness fanatic, the insomniac, dads with young children, the local homeless person rifling through the garbage and of course, the “walk of shamers” scrambling to get to the subway with last night’s clothes on hoping not too many people will see them =). But a lot of the time the streets are virtually empty.  There is no line in Starbucks and it is the perfect time of day to grab your caffeine beverage of choice and explore.

Waiting outside while his "human" gets a much needed coffee

The reason I like this time of the morning is that this is when you truly get to see the city come alive.  Store fronts start opening up, sidewalks are being washed, fruit stands are replenished, deliveries are being made and the smell of fresh bread and pastries fill the streets. The sun creeps out over the buildings, the architecture gleams and everything seems brand new.  The possibilities seem endless.  The whole day is ahead of you. It is quiet enough to actually hear yourself think.

West End Collegiate Church (@77th and Broadway)

Ahh, Sunday morning… a little peace and quiet before the reality of the day hits and the city regains the hustle and bustle of back to work/school grocery shopping, impossible to get brunch reservations, play dates, birthday parties, sports games, family dinners, shoe shopping, homework, housework, work-work… the list that never ends.  Sometimes it is a lot of work to drag yourself out of a warm Sunday morning bed but the little joy of Manhattan alone time is worth every minute.

The Guirguis Family heading to church on Sunday morning =)







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