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Well, winter came back with a vengeance. 11.5 inches of snow and frigid, freezing temperatures, yep, we get it, no need to rub it in quite this much 😉 And yes, it is freakin’ cold in Canada, I know, I know… Do we need to have the car vs. walking debate again??!! The point is, this winter is turning out to be a nasty one- everywhere. So, nothing to do but bundle up, get out and get moving or hibernate. Two very good options. I intend to keep doing a bit of both. Here are some pics from the last couple of days. Hope you enjoy them. Happy Wednesday everyone!! Stay safe and warm xoxo

P.S. Do you know how I can tell it is really cold in NYC? They take the fruit in from the outside stands at Fairway and West Side Markets.

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So, there is not too much new and exciting going on here today. Got up, had some breakfast, rushed to get the girls to school on time… the usual. I also got to hang out with my friend Carol from NYCityMama who took me with her to the XBOX 360 KINECT event today where we were able to try out some new games and hang out with some personal trainers (aka cute boys and girls) who talked to us about KINECT fitness. It was tons of fun. Oh and it is snowing…again. Here are some pics of my day, hope you enjoy.

Breakfast of Champions! -yes, that is an empty cupcake box in the background 😉

Battling the crowds to get to school

Umbrellas for snow are just wrong, wrong, wrong!

Waiting for the Downtown 1 Train

The Lovely NYCityMama (Carol)

The Beatles hanging out on top of the Apple store (Chelsea)

10th Avenue and 15th Street

Goodies at Sarabeth's in the Chelsea Market

More yummy treats...

Self Portrait

Chelsea Market

W. 15th Street

The incredible converted warehouse space at Milk Studios

The view looking out over the Hudson River on a snowy day

The Kinect for XBOX

One of the stations "The Biggest Loser"- a tough and fun workout

Stylish "Tilly"- a furry sidewalk friend

Chelsea Streetscape

Gorgeous Chelsea homes

Winter Wonderland

Heading home...

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