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I definitely did not like waking up to a winter snow storm yesterday. My body is craving longer days, sunny skies and warmer temperatures. It is sunny today but cold. This did not seem to bother the dog as he longingly looked out the window with his big brown eyes. He wanted to go for a long walk. I wanted to wimp out and hide indoors with a tea and a good book. But wow, am I really glad that Dopey-dog’s guilt trip won out. I am going to call today a bonus winter day. 

As soon as we entered Central Park the wind died down and The temperature seemed a bit warmer. It was quiet and serene and I felt like I was a million miles away from the big city. The beauty was absolutely stunning. There were tourists, cross country skiers, runners and other dog walkers. When we passed each other we smiled and instead of grumbling about the long winter we commented on how breathtaking the park was. I am sharing the pics I snapped as I walked through the park. I hope you enjoy them. I am also reminded that sometimes begrudgingly heading out to complete a task you don’t want to do can lead to the best part of your day. Happy Friday! Wishing you all a wonderful weekend 🙂 

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I have been feeling a bit under the weather over the past couple of days… there are lots of yucky winter viruses going around. However, on Monday morning the sun was shining and the temperature was pleasant, so I decided to drag my butt out of the apartment and go for a walk through Central Park. I am constantly amazed by the never ending pathways, the beauty and peace in the park. It was a glorious morning, hope you enjoy the pics! =)

Bordering the park at Central Park West and 77th...

The American Museum of Natural History

Street Views from the Park

ahh... the sun!

Dopey on the squirrel hunt

Buildings peeking through the trees

Sheep's Meadow

Mighty Trees

Heading over to the East Side

Snow Animals

Upper East Side


Walking up Fifth Avenue

The Resevoir

Heading back to the UWS

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