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Today I had an early start. Walked Mempis, wolfed down some breakfast, organized the girls, dropped R off at Girls on the Run and then I headed to Flatiron to Y7 Yoga Studio for an 8:15 class. 

It is Hip Hop Wednesday and I did not want to miss this weeks artist: Biggie! (aka Notorious B.I.G.). 

R can’t believe I go to hip hop yoga and is actually confused by this. She calls it old lady yoga. Sigh. If she only knew. My friends and I are clearly the oldest people in the room BUT that means we can truly appreciate the music 😀👍

After yoga Mel and I wandered a bit and then had a leisurely brunch. Woooosaaaa! Slowing down and appreciating the little things is good for the soul. Namaste old school peeps and happy Wednesday!!



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It is a new year, time to challenge yourself and try things that scare you a little. Recently I have started going to Hip Hop Yoga. In the past I have found most yoga classes to be a little intimidating. I would often leave the class feeling frustrated that I couldn’t do many of the moves or not even remotely relaxed because I was trying so hard to keep up and to not feel foolish. Maybe I was just taking the wrong kind of classes.

A friend of mine introduced me to Hip Hop Yoga at Y7 Studio. Their motto is sweat dripping, beat bumping, candlelit yoga. I was instantly intrigued. I wondered how yoga combined with hip hop would actually work. I was also a little nervous because I am not a huge fan of working out in extreme heat. Remember, I actually like to run in the cold!

The Y7 studios (I have been to Soho and Flatiron) are in great locations close to subways and in funky ‘hoods that make it a fun little adventure. The hip hop yoga class takes place in a hot studio in complete dark with only candlelight to help you navigate your way. The teacher leads you through numerous sequences- a vinyasa with the hip hop beats pumping in the background. I was hooked. It was awesome. It was really hard and the best part is that in the dark no one can really see if you are making mistakes. And quite frankly, everyone is worrying about themselves and in typical NYC fashion, no one cares what you are doing 😉 The hot studio also seems to help ease all of those little aches and pains that keep popping up!

I have been to three classes so far- Travis Scott, Tupac and today, Drake. I will definitely be going back. I love the hour long combo of great music, challenging moves and the way it can quiet my crazy mind. Namaste, yo!









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Soo, the other day I made the delicious mistake of walking into Pure Yoga.  Mistake for my bank account that is.  The place is like walking into pure heaven.  It is quiet, relaxing, smells incredible and the people are super friendly.  Did I mention that it is quiet??  A lovely woman at the front desk asked me if I had time for a tour and of course I had time, just by walking in there my blood pressure had dropped and my stress level had decreased.  Ooom, ya! Needless to say the place does not disappoint.  The locker room is gorgeous- brand new, spotless, showers that actually well, work, and there is a STEAM room.  I was sold after the locker room and that was before I had even seen the beautiful yoga studios.  Hell, I didn’t even need to practice yoga, I just wanted to go hang out on the comfy couches and use the steam room.  I walked out with a membership and lets just say that it is a tad more expensive than Hubby’s gym membership- oops!

These gorgeous doors were calling my name...

Now I actually have to practice yoga, I don’t think Ron will be too pleased if I just go there to hang out on the couches and read- then again he wouldn’t really know, would he? I went to my first class the other night.  I had the initial pre-class anxiety of “what if’s”. What if I release a toxic smell during the class?  What if the class is filled with hard body types who look at me with athletic judgement? What if I am totally un-cordinated and can do none of the moves? And worst of all- what if I get into an awkward position that I can’t get out of? And then I walked into the magic cone of silence and did an amazing thing, I relaxed.

NYC can be a pretty intense, action packed, overwhelming place.

Trying to get into Fairway on the Friday before a long weekend. You thought I was joking yesterday, right?

Sometimes you just need a place to go where you can calm the voices in your head and tune out the never ending sirens (not that I don’t appreciate the men in uniform). Oh, and sometimes I just really need to get away from my children too 😉 Did I mention that it was quiet?  Wishing you all a wonderfully peaceful Friday and a fabulous long weekend.

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