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Today I pounded the pavement canvassing the neighborhood for donations for our upcoming school auction. It was a beautiful day- bright, sunny and not too cold. I enjoyed getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of the sidewalks. It is way more interesting to be a part of the energy of the city than watch the world pass by from a car window. As I popped in and out of the local businesses I took a few pictures trying to capture another “normal” day in NYC. Hope you enjoy!

Bagel and a coffee on the corner

A little leftover winter garbage

The Brownstone

Outdoor recess... at last!

Don't forget to look up

A sign that spring is on it's way

Start spreading the news...

Looking uptown

72nd Street Subway Entrance


Corner Store

Sidewalk Shadow

Hello outdoor seating... you have been missed!

Filming a movie

Three Irish Wolfhounds- you don't see that everyday!!

Mmmm... cupcakes

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