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Today I pounded the pavement canvassing the neighborhood for donations for our upcoming school auction. It was a beautiful day- bright, sunny and not too cold. I enjoyed getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of the sidewalks. It is way more interesting to be a part of the energy of the city than watch the world pass by from a car window. As I popped in and out of the local businesses I took a few pictures trying to capture another “normal” day in NYC. Hope you enjoy!

Bagel and a coffee on the corner

A little leftover winter garbage

The Brownstone

Outdoor recess... at last!

Don't forget to look up

A sign that spring is on it's way

Start spreading the news...

Looking uptown

72nd Street Subway Entrance


Corner Store

Sidewalk Shadow

Hello outdoor seating... you have been missed!

Filming a movie

Three Irish Wolfhounds- you don't see that everyday!!

Mmmm... cupcakes

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Okay, by all accounts, this has been one hell of a winter in NYC. Now, I am not really a cold or snowy weather wimp but one thing I do not like is ICE. Today we woke up to the streets covered in a glass like coating. Yes, it looks pretty but it is not very friendly in a walking city. There really is not much to say about it except, UGH. I will take the cold and snow any day over icy rain and sleet. It is supposed to turn to rain later on in the day which will increase the chance of flooded streets and sidewalks. I think that this is a very good day to hide in my apartment and maybe start searching for warm weather mini-vacations! Where did I put my cup of tea?! Stay warm and enjoy the pics =)

Beautiful Ice Covered Trees

An Icy Sidewalk

A "Skating" to School

Digging Out (Street Corner)

Bus Shelter

The School Yard aka Skating Rink

An Icy Seat

Iced In!

Morning Rush Hour

Street View

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