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They warned us Jonas was coming. In predictable NYC fashion people rushed to the local supermarkets and cleared the shelves of bread. One can only hope that wine and cheese were bought too. We all speculated, would the city really get hit this time? Last year in preparation for an epic storm, the subways were closed, schools were cancelled and not a single flake fell. Bummer. This time, storm Jonas actually went above and beyond and brought more snow than was even predicted. It was a record storm for NYC, one for the books. The Jonas snowfall total for Central Park is 27.9 inches. Wowza.

We spent Jonas hunkered down in the apartment. I caught up on tv shows and ventured out to take the dog and grab a few pics. The girls played with friends and tuned into their own devices. We found some of grandma’s spaghetti sauce in the freezer and indulged in gourmet hot chocolate given to us as a Christmas gift. The snow fell outside, the wind blew and I felt incredibly grateful to be warm and safe inside. Caught in our own little winter wonderland snow globe.

I love when NYC is forced to slow down. The streets clear, people reach out to help others, small acts of kindness are witnessed- a shared meal, a sidewalk shoveled, a hand up over a large snowbank… People gather on the deserted streets to take in the beauty of the freshly fallen snow. We remember to cherish the little things.

This morning we headed over to our favorite hill to get our sledding on. The sun dazzled, kids laughed and the city slowly awoke, seemingly a bit reluctant to return to its normal pace. 

I hope you all made it through the storm safely and found a little peace. It was nice to see winter make an appearance, maybe next time not all at once 😉



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SNOW!! The kids were beyond excited when they woke up and Manhattan was finally covered in a blanket of the white stuff. They have been feeling a bit homesick for wintery Ottawa weather lately and I can’t really blame them. It has been an odd winter, weather wise in NYC with incredibly mild temperatures and no snow in sight. Finally today we awoke to big soft flurries falling from the sky. The kids couldn’t wait to get out and play in it. Their enthusiasm was infectious and pretty soon we were rifling through the closet looking for our buried snow pants and boots. We headed down to Riverside Park where tons of other families had the same idea and were seeking out hills for sledding. There really is something beautiful about freshly fallen snow. It makes everything fresh and clean.

I know that in a few hours the temps will rise and we will be trudging through slush and sleet but right now I am enjoying looking out my window at the gently falling snow that seems to add a little softness to the concrete jungle 😉 Hope you are enjoying the day.

Good Morning NYC!




Gearing up for a little snowball fight 😉

Street View

Walking the dog





Even Daddy got in on the fun 😉

Full hill

Red & White

Winter beauty

Peaceful landscape

Winter Walkway


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