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Taking the time today for a bit of personal reflection. The sun is shining down on this spectacular city. The dog and I walked through Central Park and currently the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade plays in the background while my little family lounges. Life is certainly not perfect, it never is, but there really is always something to be thankful for.

Right now I am thankful for my girls. They are challenging and exhausting but they are also smart, determined and hilarious. I am thankful for my family, who no matter how far away are always available for a chat and a positive word or two of support. I am thankful for Mr Memphis who shares my love of walks in the park. I am so damn thankful for my friends, especially my girlfriends who just understand. All of it.

I am thankful for another day to explore, experience, question, to be angry, to fight, to love, to care, to be kind, to have adventures.

Wishing all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am thankful for you ❤️

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The last couple of months have definitely had their trying times. And I can’t help but admit that I am looking forward to 2013 for a bit of positive energy and the hope of new beginnings and a fresh outlook. However, this past weekend was American Thanksgiving. Yes, we do celebrate both. Lucky us 😉 We had a wonderful relaxing weekend celebrating with cherished family and friends and during that long weekend I had time to reflect on how truly fortunate and thankful I am for all of our blessings. Most of all, the love that surrounds us. My heart is full of warmth from the amazing people I am truly lucky to have in my life. I am so immensely grateful for all of you. xox

Here are a few pics from the weekend and our adventures. I hope you enjoy them. Happy Wednesday!

Going to see the balloons the day before the parade- Spiderman!

Hello Papa Smurf

A walk in Riverside Park

Love NYC in the late fall


True personalities shining through!

Getting ready to celebrate

Looking out the window

Pre-turkey Just Dance 4 Party

Chefs Extraordinaire!

The Turkey??! 😉

A feast, thankful indeed.

A view from Central Park

The city peeks out behind


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My Amazing Family xox

Dogs To Warm My Feet

Old Friends

And New Friends

Exciting New Adventures

The Freedom to Explore

Being Able To Dream Big

A Quiet Moment With A Cup Of Tea And A Good Book

To Love and Be Loved.

To Love and Be Loved.

Happy Thanksgiving and much love to you and yours.

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Happy Thanksgiving!!


I am writing this post as the incredible aroma of a cooking turkey is wafting through the apartment.  Ron is making a traditional Thanksgiving dinner on the Sunday before Columbus Day.  Why?  Because even though we have moved to the United States we are having a bit of a tough time giving up some of our old customs and traditions, Canadian Thanksgiving being one of them.

A & R are getting really excited about Hallowe’en.  Last week they asked if they could start putting up the Hallowe’en decorations.  We pulled out the box and found our Hallowe’en decorations and our Fall Harvest decorations packed in together.  The topic of Thanksgiving came up and Ron and I explained that there was a long weekend coming up and that it was for Columbus Day NOT Thanksgiving.  A big long discussion began about US Thanksgiving, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade and of course the age old question- “just who the heck IS Christopher Columbus?”  Luckily, a library book on good ole’ Christopher helped us answer the last one 😉

Ron and I talked and we decided to go for it and celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving.  It would be a nice touch for the girls and we could have a lot of fun by inviting and including our ex-pat Canadian friends. We ordered the Turkey from Fairway, where the butcher politely asked if we were perhaps a month early and then extended the invite to friends who laughingly loved the idea.

So, here I am, sitting writing this post feeling a little nostalgic but also incredibly thankful.  The apartment is clean, we have layed out the decorations, guests will be arriving soon and a new tradition is born. We have had the extreme good fortune to start out on this new adventure and experience brand new things but sometimes it is okay to carry on with the traditions that we hold so dear to our hearts.

This is a new chapter in our lives and I look forward to starting to develop our New York family traditions. Even if it is a bit ironic that the first one is Canadian, eh?

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