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Taking Memphis for a walk in Central Park on Saturday mornings has become one of my favorite things to do. No matter what the weather we are out there. He has a chance to run off leash and chase squirrels and I get to enjoy the quiet beauty and chat with a friend. It really is a perfect start to the weekend.

Today, with a light dusting of snow, was incredibly beautiful. Cold, but so beautiful. The park was packed with people and their dogs. I think a few tourists were even braving the chilly walk.

The calm in the holiday storm =)

Just thought I would share the pics. Have a wonderful day. Stay warm, stay sane and enjoy some time with the people who mean the most to you. Happy weekend xox

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It is another beautiful day here in NYC. We have had a spectacular Fall filled with lots of sunshine and mild temperatures. I am trying to enjoy every moment as I know that winter is indeed coming. Today I had a doctor’s appointment on the east side. Rather than hopping a cab or grabbing the crosstown bus I decided to walk. I always seem to forget how quick it is to cross Central Park and be on the other side. Today on my walk I was rewarded with gorgeous tree colors, marathoners from other countries running the loop, tourists and locals strolling and for me, basically a sense of peace as I marveled once again, at the beauty of this city. Here are few pics that I snapped along the way. Hope you enjoy them. Have a wonderful Wednesday and a fabulous week!














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This past weekend was pretty relaxed. We have been doing a lot of activities lately and I think we all needed a bit of time to chill out and take it easy. I for one, needed some quality couch time. Pretty soon the crazy season of the holidays will be upon us and it was nice to just have a weekend with very little planned. On Sunday we took advantage of some balmy fall weather and went for a stroll through Central Park. So far November has been a fabulous month for weather and there has been very little to complain about, even if the days are short they are filled with sunshine and warm temperatures. It seemed as if the whole city was out enjoying the day. In the back of everyone’s mind we know that the gorgeous weather won’t last and pretty soon we will be forced indoors by blustery winds, snow and cold. But for now we are taking advantage of it and getting out and about. I am amazed at how colorful the trees are in the park for this time of year. Here are some pics, hope you enjoy. Have a fabulous week.

Buildings peeking through

Variety of colours

On Alert! (Squirrel!!)

Scooter ride through the park

The road less traveled πŸ˜‰

View across the Great Lawn

Enjoying the stunning view


Pretty in Pink

Can't get enough of this fall beauty!

Drooping elegance

Music in the park

Pause for reflection

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