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For some reason my body and mind do not like to sleep in anymore. I guess by default that makes me a morning person. I have been embracing this early wake up on Saturday mornings by heading to Central Park with Memphis where he runs off leash and I get some exercise walking at the most beautiful time of the day. Today it was enjoying the calm before the snow.


I spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon putting away all the Christmas decorations and tidying up the apartment. The snow did begin to fall. I love looking out my apartment window watching it blow all around. It is like being inside one giant snow globe.

There really is something magical about fresh snow, or maybe that is the Canadian in me talking 😉  Whatever it is, I always feel like I need to get out and go for a walk. So I grabbed Memphis’ leash and off we went. It is the Southern Gentleman’s second time in the snow. I do not think he shares my enthusiasm quite yet. I would say that he tolerates it.


It was quite blustery down by the river and we are both happy to be back home in the snow globe watching the white stuff fall outside. Time for a cup of tea, a warm blanket and a good movie. Memphis has already found his spot for the afternoon =)


Happy Saturday my friends, stay warm and safe. Happy Snow!


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After all the panic surrounding yesterday’s arrival of NYC’s latest snowstorm, I was beginning to wonder what kind of wimpy city I had moved to. There was a mad rush at the grocery stores, flights were canceled, there was talk of school closures, a state of emergency was declared and not a single snowflake had fallen. And then the snow arrived, plows did their job, schools remained open, life carried on. Sanity and reason prevailed… Phew! Yep, it’s just winter…get out and enjoy it.  Or, stay in and play on your $25,000 Barbie Foosball table (see last pic). However you choose to embrace this season, keep calm and carry on.

Central Park

A Wintery Walk

2nd Snow of the Winter-Jan 12, 2011

Empty Seats

Ominous Skyline

Street View

A Sweet Message Out My Window...

C'mon, it's only $25,000 and it's BARBIE! 😉

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