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We have had a spectacular September. It really has been an extension of the summer… Beautiful, warm, sunny, blue sky days and mild nights. Definitely nothing to complain about.







Today, the first day of October is gloomy and drizzly with a bit of a chill in the air. But I don’t mind at all. I am ready for the days to get cooler. I can’t wait for the leaves to change. I love everything about the fall season in NYC. Bring it on. Hello October, lovely to see you.


Happy Wednesday everyone! Keep smiling =)

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Today I, (plus Jess and R & T) braved the crowds and headed to Super Bowl Boulevard in midtown. It was pretty insane. Crowds and crowds of people were waiting on lines to see the Vince Lombardi trophy, kick a field goal, go down a toboggan run and well, you were pretty much going to have to wait in a huge line to do anything. I just wanted to check out the vibe. It was pretty cool. Even though the sidewalks were tough to walk through, most people were pretty easy going and content to just check out the sights. There were fans from both teams sporting their colors and cheering. There did seem to be more Seahawk fans than Broncos… I wonder what the stadium will look like?

I am glad that I took the time to check out this awesome event going on in our city, even if we did have to bribe the kids with M&M’s to have them tolerate walking through another crowd to get a picture 😉 Good luck to both teams tomorrow. Super Bowl mania is officially in NYC and we are loving it!!!














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On Saturday afternoon Ron suggested that I take my friend Chantal, visiting from Canada, to Eataly. Chantal is a huge food network, cooking show junkie and foodie so I knew that she would LOVE it. The only hesitation I had was the crowds. It was merely a week before Christmas and I was afraid that it would be so packed we would not be able to move. We were pleasantly surprised and had a blast perusing all of the wonderful sights. So, just in case you have not already stuffed yourself full with holiday treats here are a few pics to get your mouth watering! Enjoy 🙂

Located right across from the beautiful Flatiron Building and Madison Square Park

Chantal with her delicious Panini 😉

So very true!

Fruits and Veg

A plethora of mushrooms

Shall we start with cheese? Yes please!

Some bread with that?

Over to the meat section...


Hand made pasta, my weakness.

Something from the sea?

Or shellfish maybe?

Don't forget the Vino!

And of course, dessert- truffle anyone?

Perhaps a pastry or two??

Some handsome dudes enjoying their meal and who graciously let me take their pic 😉

After a meal like that you will need to put up your feet and relax in front of the fireplace =)

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On Sunday I decided to take the girls to the Christmas lighting ceremony at the Discovery Center in Central Park. Forgetting about the huge body of water at the top of Central Park, I mistakenly made us get off the subway at 103rd st. instead of 110th. Whoops… it IS always an adventure. Our adventure took us through the beautiful ravine area of Central Park and around the Harlem Meer. It was gorgeous and once again I was awestruck by the incredible beauty found in the heart of Manhattan. I hope you enjoy the pics. Have a great day!

Gorgeous almost WINTER colors!

Stone Bridge



Ravine Pathway

More Beautiful Water


A Furry Sighting- Racoon!

Buildings in Reflection

Look Closely, A Christmas Tree Floats In The Water

Manhattan Sunset

The Discovery Center

Ice Sculpture

C is for Cookie!

All Lit Up For The Holidays

Maybe We Will Have Snow For Christmas...

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September 11, 2011. 10 years later. And I live in New York City. I love New York City, I honestly can’t imagine living anywhere else in the world right now. And yet, right now I am feeling a little unsettled, a bit on edge, anxious. I am not afraid, no I am not. I will NOT be afraid.

I just feel not quite right because the city feels not quite right. This is NYC and New Yorkers are resilient and strong.  The security level is high, there are traffic check points everywhere and the news is on a non-stop loop of the horror that was September 11,  2001.  But still, we carry on with our lives as usual. Although in reality not totally true, because there is that unspoken feeling, glances shared on the subway, stories told quietly among friends. We are carrying on as usual but the city is remembering and mourning, everyone in their own individual way.

We all remember where we were on that day, how could we not? It is a day that forever changed the world as we know it.

I can only imagine the pain and emotions that the people who lost loved ones and dear friends are feeling on this anniversary. My heart goes out to them as well as to all of the first responders, volunteers, recovery teams, flight crews, construction teams and so many more. They are all truly heroes.

My New York never included the Twin Towers and the World Trade Center. My first visit, where I lost my heart to NYC was in March 2002. But like the rest of the world, I will never forget them.

Tomorrow, I will take the time to remember, to grieve, to say a few prayers for peace, to hug my family a little tighter and to also embrace this incredible city and be fiercely proud to live here.


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So, one week of Spring Break and I have survived. Actually it has been a lot of fun hanging out and exploring the city with the girls. Although, it was much nicer having Ron around for Thursday and Friday. Having a bit of back-up in the parental department does not hurt 😉 We spent Thursday and Friday having fun outdoors exploring various places in the city. Feeling like we had been spending a wee bit too much time indoors we wanted to get out and enjoy the sunny if cool, days.

A’s bike arrived from Schwinn on Wednesday and as soon as she woke up on Thursday and it wasn’t raining she was begging to go out and try it. So the girls strapped on their helmets and we headed on down to Riverside Park and they rode their bikes along the pathway. I strolled behind, leisurely checking out the wonderful flowers and trees coming into bloom.

A & R getting ready to ride!

Pit stop at Hippo Park

Daffodils, my favorite flower

After a quick refuel (lunch) back at the apartment we decided to park the bikes and hop on the subway to Soho. The girls had a blast exploring The Scholastic Store and Ron and I popped into a couple of our own favorite places to browse including Kate SpadePaul Smith and Animazing.

Corner of Prince St. in Soho

The Scholastic Store

Our adventures continued as we skipped through NYU grounds and ended up in Washington Square Park. It was packed with people enjoying the wonderful sunshine. The many street performers offered lots of entertainment but I found the people watching far more interesting.

Washington Square Park

A taking a break

R catching some air

Of course at this point the girls were STARVING so we decided to make the walk to Chelsea Market to see what kind of Easter cookies the fabulous people at Eleni’s had on display. Lets just say that no one was disappointed 😉

Flirty Birdie Cookies and Ronnybrook Chocolate Milk- YUMMY!!

Royal Wedding Cookies

The day ended with quality couch time as both girls were exhausted by all of the outdoor exercise.

On Friday we spend the afternoon in Central Park at one of the kids favorite playgrounds- Hecksher Playground. They spent their time climbing the rocks and chasing each other around the massive grounds filled with climbing structures, swings and other activities. We then ventured over to the Upper East Side where we stopped at Dylan’s Candy Shop to see what kind of Easter treats were on display. It was CRAZY in there and we were barely able to move. Luckily there was lots to look at. The whole area was a little bit chaotic and I was quite happy to give my feet a break as we jumped into a cab and headed back to the apartment.

My little explorers

Taking a bite out of the Big Apple 😉

Today, it has been wet and rainy. We haven’t left the apartment. There has been movie watching, homework completion, book reading and spring cleaning. It is exactly what we needed. After all, there are still two more days of holidays- Mon & Tues… I am already working on a game plan.

Happy Easter!!

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It’s Monday. I woke up this morning with a crappy head cold generally feeling a little under the weather. It is still freezing here in the city, even if the the sun is shining brightly. And there are a million (at least) things to do on my “to do” list. On the positive side, Ron is back from a ten day trip and the household is back to normal. After a quick tea with the ladies, I headed down to Trader Joe’s to grab a few items. My mind was a bit foggy and I was daydreaming a bit, trying to think of what I would write a post on this morning. And then I saw this:

Alligators in the NYC sewers?!

Just another day in the city 😉

Right out front of the Trader Joe’s on W. 72nd street is where this advertising display is set up. If you walk by too quickly you might miss it, thinking that it is just another detour due to sidewalk construction. Hilarious.

And then it got me thinking. There is always something going on in NYC. No matter how mundane an errand you are running you are bound to find something interesting to look at or experience. You never know what you will wake up to. This really is part of the allure of this city. Walking down the street is always entertaining. No wonder I am easily distracted by shiny objects, there is always something to tantalize the senses.

I wasn’t the only one who stopped to admire the display, a few other non-jaded types where also taking pics. One guy even commented that it had made his Monday morning. Mission accomplished. After all, we all need something to talk about besides the weather, don’t we?

Have a great day!

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