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Today is National Running Day so even though I was feeling a little sluggish, I laced up the sneakers met up with some of my favorite running gals and headed to Central Park. I am incredibly fortunate to call Central Park my training ground. Its beauty in all the seasons is stunning. The views NEVER get old and I promise to never take the fact that I can run here for granted. Today, I will share some pics with you that I took during our running route. We ran at a very leisurely pace on this hot and humid day, we allotted time for pictures, water breaks and even headed over to the New York Road Runners Club to pick up our National Running Day bibs and bandanas. It was perfect. I feel so very fortunate to be able to run with a group of fabulous women on one of the best running courses in the world. I run to be healthy, strong, fierce, the beast mom, for my sanity, to spend time with my friends, for coffee time afterwards and of course, for cupcakes 😉 Happy Wednesday everyone and Happy Running!!!















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Well, I did my first official smokin’ hot sweaty run in the city today. I think the temperature was closing in on the 90’s but I don’t really want to know because if it really was only low 80’s I really might combust on our next run!! NYC in the summer can be unbearably hot, the concrete jungle absorbs the heat and it can feel like you are in a walled in sauna. And, let’s not even talk about the smells… But, I am determined to keep up my running this summer. So determined that I signed up for a 1/2 marathon in Philly in September. I know, only a truly crazy person (and her running friends) would sign up  for a 1/2 marathon to motivate themselves to run throughout the summer. Insane. Maybe the heat really has gotten to my brain!!

But, we are doing it and will continue to motivate and encourage each other and we will keep up the running. And it is summer after all, so if we have to stop for cool drinks and popsicles along the way as we add on our miles, I truly believe that is acceptable. Today we were able to finish our run with an incredibly well earned run through the sprinkler. Thank you to the NY Parks Dept for the perfectly placed water relief and to Robin for encouraging us to jump on in. Who says the kids should have all the fun??!! Hope you are all having an amazing summer and are finding your own ways to keep and stay cool!! =)

A post- run cool off through the sprinklers in Central Park!

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